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So many people start out in life with GREAT AMBITIONS, PASSION, GREAT DREAMS, BIG PLANS and a world of expectations, and why not? We are all uniquely gifted, But in the end so many people end up like so many people, accomplishing little to nothing.

Go for that dream and do not let yourself or anyone place limits on what you can accomplish. Many people are counting on you, destinies are tied to you. Do not dismiss your passion as simply a hobby. Rather dismiss your… critics, dismiss your fears and doubts. Re-discover your dream and follow it. Dwell on it continually until it swells up in you like yeast on bread.

Make crutches if you have to and overcome any disadvantages, obstacles on your way. Stop giving yourself reasons why you can’t, and find reasons why you should. Keep pushing unrelentingly, until you become who/what you were made to be. If you only do what u can do, if you only do what everyone else does, then you can never be more. Push yourself to significance, push your way to the front. You’ve got it in you and you can do it. Unused talent diminishes, unused potential decays. So, take the leap and GO FOR IT, a bigger life awaits you!!!

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