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Life is Hard! Things are hard! Getting a job is hard, starting a business is hard, pursuing your dreams is hard, relationships are hard, making an extra income is hard, network marketing is hard, investing is hard, trading is hard, surviving on salary alone is hard, selling is hard, being broke is even harder. Well, you’ve got to pick your hard, an easy life is bad for you!

Sadly most people want to avoid the hard, but you can never succeed without facing the hard. Success is never convenient neither is failure. So, either way, you are going to be inconvenience. Here’s the reality, YOU CANNOT AVOID THE HARD. Quit complaining, pick and embrace your HARD. It is either you stay ‘hard broke’ or ‘try hard at something’. Ever come across anyone succeeding by anger and complaining? “Money is not everything but it ranks up with oxygen” Zig Ziglar. Money rarely visits anyone, you’ve got to desire and work for it. No matter how good and perfect your excuses are, they’ll never put money in your pocket. The only thing your excuses will get you is pity and sympathy from people. Excuses will never get you ahead in this Game of Life. If you wanna get ahead, find a away to work out your hard. You are either making excuses or making progress.

You’ll never know how far you can go or how good you can be at something if you stay only within the bounds of what you already know or what you comfortable with. Greatness begins outside your comfort zone. You attract pity when you give up on life but you attract greatness when you stand up and fight.

It is human nature to avoid things that are hard but there’s fortune in doing the things you’ll naturally avoid. You remain the same when you constantly avoid the hard…and you shut down your creative abilities when you keep confessing ‘I can’t do this’, or ‘I can’t do that’. Your mind shuts down when it hears “I can’t” and your mind opens up and looks for ways it can be done when it hears “Yes, I can”

Growth doesn’t come from what you can do, but from doing the things you thought you couldn’t do. Let go of fear, try new things, take risks, getting lost might be what you need to help find yourself.

Nothing grows in your comfort zone, not even comfort. Comfort is bad for your dreams. Comfort is bad for your future and bank account. It is time to get out of your comfort zone ASAP!


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