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“A tin of milk is not the same as a milk tin” No matter how hard you watch people you can never actually see them.  Here is a personal story I want to share with you all today. A story that only very few people in my life know about.
Few years ago, on one bright sunny afternoon, with the birds whistling and the wind landing softly. My outfit complimented the blue skies as I walked to one of the shops in my neighborhood. A car pulled just in front of me with the driver’s head out the window “hey, you mind helping me with directions?” he asked with a broad smile. “Yes of course”, I responded smiling back as I walked closer to the car.  “Where is Shoprite in this area?” he asked. Go down straight and turn second right, I responded pointing back at the direction from where I was coming since we had a U-Save Shoprite in the area. No, not that one – I am looking for the big one – the supermarket. Oh okay, then make a U-turn and drive that way, I responded pointing in the direction of Shoprite Supermarket. “I’ve been driving in circles here” he said in his heavy Afrikaans accent. “You going in the same direction”? You mind showing me as I drop you off? He requested.
And lo and behold, I was going in the same direction. Without a shred of hesitation I responded “yes, okay” as I made my way to the passenger seat. “I mean he is white, what could go wrong” I thought. I made it to the car and before I could finished closing the car door – I could feel I’ve just entered the lion’s den. I could smell trouble, I felt danger, I felt everything wrong in a split second. But hey, I’m already in the car. Stupid move, yes, i know but follow the story.  And so I maintained my calm. Then he didn’t drive off for like a minute which felt like an hour…he was drown in his own thoughts for those sixty seconds. Probably planning his next move.  With my heart pounding against my chest and palms sweating he reached out with his hand towards my face, touched my cheek and said “you are beautiful”. “Thank you” I responded immediately pointing which direction to drive. He made a U-turn and drove in the direction I’d pointed. Drove for about 3 minutes or so and stopped the car in a more isolated quieter place than where he had picked me. It was a quiet afternoon in the most typical residential area. Nearly everyone was at work. At that point, my whole life flashed before me. I thought to myself “Maybe this is my last day on earth”. I’m thinking a thousand things at once but still maintaining my calmness. As I was about to asked why he stopped the car I notice he had pulled his pants down or perhaps they were down all along, I don’t know. His dick was on his hand, yes you heard me right, in full view, ready for action. He asked me to touch it, I looked away. He pulled my hand towards it and I gently pull my hand back. I didn’t touched it. 
My heart was racing like it was about to stop working but I still managed to maintained my clam. I was wondering if he’s perhaps sitting on a gun or a knife he’ll soon pull out. Then I looked at him eye ball to eye ball for the first time and said “why are you in a rush?, C’mon, right here on the street? Don’t you have a house or something?” and I smile back and relaxed back on my seat, terrified out of my socks but he couldn’t tell.  I am certain he didn’t see that coming. I am certain my calm demeanor freaked him out more than his freakness freaked me out. He didn’t even have an answer for my questions. Then I said in a very calm way, lets go. He started driving again, and this time. I tried to engage him in a conversation. I told him my name and asked what his name was. “Andrew” he responded. Nice name, I complimented him. I went further to talk about myself, the church I fellowship in, my son who was only about 3years back then, etc….I was just rattling for words to keep the conversation going. At that point, we were in a place with people, like 2minutes away from Shoprite supermarket. He looked at me, said one word “sorry” and asked “where do I drop you”? Weird!!! Right here, I responded. He immediately stopped the car, I jumped out and he drove the opposite direction. No Shoprite! Well, we already knew there was no Shoprite.

I couldn’t even walk, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t believe I wasn’t raped, I couldn’t believe I came out of that car alive.  All the time spent in his car from picking up to dropping off could max only like 10min but it felt like eternity. Till date, the incident has stayed with me. I don’t jump into anyone’s car I don’t know. I know without a shadow of doubt that God preserved me from that man like he preserved Daniel from the lions in the lion’s den. I haven’t had the easiest life by any stretch of imagination. Few people alive have witnessed the struggles I’ve survived and still surviving but somehow, God decided rape shouldn’t be part of my list of struggles. Many women have been in the same situation but never lived to tell the story. I am grateful mine didn’t end in tragedy. I made it out alive and untouched. I usually get so rattled up by a harmless cockroach but how i managed to stay calm through that whole ordeal is beyond me till this day. 

In conclusion, the moral of the story is judging people wrongly. I made my judgments base on his skin colour but what makes someone a good person is not the colour of their skin.  Anybody can be a criminal. Anybody can be a rapist. There was nothing suspicious about this guy or his car. He looked like a normal guy. He looked and sounded genuinely lost. Judging by appearance can be harmful. I learnt the Lesson the Hard way!

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