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I was having a conversation with someone recently and in the course of our discussion I happened to mention a video of Bill Gate’s interview I’d watched on youtube. I was immediately shocked by his reaction and responds when he heard me mentioned Bill Gate’s name. With a disgusted look on his face he said “better stay away from listening to such people, their wealth is not normal. They’ll contaminate you” In absolute amazement, I inquired further, “what do you mean”? He went further to explain how those rich people are satanists and illuminati and all the devilish sort of things. Did I mentioned that we were actually having a conversation on success? Yes, a conversation on success on which one person believed that Bill Gate’s wealth is abnormal. I can’t help but wonder if such a people see poverty as abnormal too. Our brains accepts what we normalize. Someone with such thinking could never rise above poverty no matter many opportunities given to him/her. Any investment into someone with a wrong mindset will eventually leak out. Poverty mindset is real. 

Needless to say that incident has stayed with me. Poverty mindset keeps many people poor. It’s all in the mind, they say – and on some level, they’re absolutely correct. Habits formed in the mind have kept many people from financial success. Some people believe money is evil. And I find myself asking, is it all money that is evil or a particular amount? And which amount is evil? Is the money to buy bread evil or the money to buy a Ferrari evil? Is the money to pay school fees/rent evil or the money to buy a mansion evil? Which amount is evil? R100 or 1million Rand? Which amount is evil? $100 or 10million dollars?  So, $100 is holy and 10 million dollars is evil? Sadly and ironically those who say money is evil only attribute the evil to the bigger amounts. No wonder they keep getting only money for bread, rents and school fees. The evil amounts will forever be far from them till a shift in mindset happens. 

Most poor people believe that successful/rich/wealthy people are only created by satanism/illuminati. Their minds cannot comprehend any possibility of success/wealth happening without some devilish powers. If this were true, shouldn’t Africa with all its witchcraft be the riches continent on the planet??? Well, this is me thinking outloud since i am an African. Nothing is more destructive to the mind, abundant living and wealth creation more than this type of thinking. This kind of thinking is stinking in itself and can only attracts poverty. “Like attracts like”
“We become what we think about all day long.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. So why engage in a constant stream of negativity about money then complain you don’t have it? Old habits are hard to break, aren’t they? If you were raised in a household filled with negative reminders about lack and limited resources or criticisms of the wealthy, you have most likely carried your learned beliefs and behaviors into adulthood.  These learned responses are embedded in our brain and repeat themselves like an old, broken record; a constant reminder of limitations and lack. The poverty mindset is one of the most common. So make this your time to start developing a healthy foundation for financial prosperity.

Change your mindset. Don’t speak the language of poverty. How many hours did you spend in school learning financial wisdom? Zero! Therefore, you’ve got to learn this on your own by yourself. Read books on financial intelligence, attend seminars, research online and free yourself from poverty mindset. The day you change your mind is the day you change your life. Same old thinking equals same old results. Shift your mindset from lack/scarcity to abundance and possibilities. Money is NOT EVIL, money is a medium of exchange used and accepted in transactions involving the transfer of goods and services from one person to another. That’s how you should view money, at least in economic terms. So, change your language, and you will change your financial future. 


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    What’s up, just wanted to mention, I liked this article.
    It was funny. Keep on posting!

    May 5, 2019 at 8:32 am

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