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Don’t ruin your New Year waiting for a text that will never come!
Stop fighting to keep someone in your life who doesn’t want to be kept. If someone don’t make an effort to be in your life, don’t try so hard to be in theirs. A one-sided relationship/friendship is a long, painful, heartbreaking road. You are doing all the work. You are always the bigger person. You are always the first to reach out. You are always the fixer. You are always the one to make peace and apologize even for things you didn’t do. In fact, they wouldn’t even be a “relationship” if not for you. He/she knows you’ll always come around. He/she knows you’ll always fix things. He/she knows you love them and that’s nothing but a power play to their fragile ego and broken self-image.
They feel ontop of the world when you are always running after them.

Right now, he/she is betting on friends that you are gonna text/call inspite of everything and its true because that’s what you actually craving to do – text/fix, as always. But don’t you see? If you always have to beg for their attention then you don’t really matter. You ignore dozens of great people for that one person who will ignore you and brag about it. Why make someone a priority in your life when you’re only an option in theirs? Why give someone the world when they are only ready for the city. 

Don’t ruin your New Year waiting for a text that will never come! Waiting is linked to depression and anxiety. Time spent waiting for something that may never happen is mentally painful. Your mind holds out more hope while your heart breaks even more with the very thought of reality. It feels as though time has stopped. The batteries in your clock have died and the screen on your phone has frozen. You know what you want, but you can’t get it. The ball is not in your court, it’s in someone else’s. You are not in control….but hey! Wake up! This is your life! Take control and make it count. This is a New Year, you CANNOT repeat the same mistakes again. 

You should be the one calling the shots in your life. Why are you letting someone else do it for you? Why are you letting someone else determine your moods? Why are you leaving your happiness in the hands of another person? Just admit it, you are waiting for something that will never happen. Therefore, let it go and move on. There are 7billion people in the world, don’t get stuck on one person who don’t give a damn about you. Stop trying to make things work and start looking for someone who will love you back for who you are, someone who’ll run towards you as much as you run towards them. 

You are amazing just the way you are. You deserve better! It is NOT a relationship if all the feelings, sacrifices, contributions and hardwork are only coming from one side. Take ownership of your life and Say NO to one-sided friendships & relationships in 2018 and the years to come.

By Nicky Verd

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