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A woman’s place is in her brain – she decides her future. Even though our world is still jam-packed with stereotype men chanting a woman’s place is in the kitchen, so much such that a girl child is encouraged to choose career options that are considered “feminine” — like nursing instead of engineering. In a typical African culture, girls are raised with more emphases on being a good wife and a good mother. They are raise with the mindset to look for a successful man instead of being successful themselves.  
By this when a girl reaches womanhood, they are far more prone to doubt themselves and their abilities. They play at a low level, they think small and they shrink their dreams/skills in order to make stereotype men comfortable. However, these stereotypes are beginning to lose their potency. There is a growing recognition to the potential and power of a woman. A generational shift is slowly taking place. Women are rising and embracing their potentials. A woman’s place is in her brain – she knows how to think, how to be creative, ambitious, inspiring, sassy and determine.  
Women are no longer buying into this scam that says “men are intimidated by successful women”. However, if any woman still believes this to be true, let me tell y’all something. Men are also terrified of being your everything. They are terrified of being your PIN number, your ATM card, your bank account, your certificate, your brains, your ticket…etc! A liability is unattractive!
A real woman should be able contribute to a man beyond the kitchen and the other room…if you know what I mean, ‘wink’. In all honesty, a woman is better off being successful. Keep in mind that successful women intimidate boys but excites men. Success may hurt…success as a woman may earn you uncomfortable labels and name tags but being brainless, broke and depending on a man for even the air you breathe hurts much more. You were made for more. You don’t need to shrink your dreams just so you can get a man. You don’t need permission to be successful. Embrace your gifted-ness and give the world all your brilliance.
In pursuit of your success story, be a lady and never forget, you are powerful in your femininity! A man who is intimated by your success will never be satisfied by your failure. It is not your job to fix an unsatisfied intimidated man. Don’t give up on your dreams in an attempt to fix someone’s brokenness. You can never satisfy a person who is not satisfied in himself. If a man is not satisfy with who he is, he’ll never be satisfy with who you are. There is a difference between supporting a man’s vision and looking after a weak man with a fragile ego. 
To the other women out there who have nothing to offer apart from being beautiful and sexy. No man is going to be horny forever. Sex does not keep a man, even if you turn 360 degrees in bed, he will still dump you if you have no real substance. Sex can make a man stay with you overnight but your personality and character is what will make him stay for a lifetime. Sometimes, intimacy is sharing what’s between your ears, not just what’s between your legs. There comes a time when a real man needs a real woman to share his worries with –  woman with brains, grace and character NOT just a woman with expensive weaves, Gucci Hang Bags, long lashes or long nails. 
Don’t be a woman who spend all her time and resources on her outward appearance. Don’t spend your days making up, doing nails or hunting the next trend in fashion. Build yourself up, invest in your mind, learn and practice things that can add values to your life. Being beautiful is not a skill. As well as thinking small and shrinking your dreams just so you can please a man is suicidal in this age and time.  


By Nicky Verd

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