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Lucas is MEAN
Lucas is VICIOUS
Lucas doesn’t need any encouragement to be angry, his wrath shoots through the roof at the slightest provocation. Lucas goes into a rage when his internet is slow.
Lucas is respected by friends and family but at home, Lucas is the Mike Tyson and Mayweather of the house. His boxing matches are solely organize by him. Even though she shares happy pictures of her and Lucas on social media, she lives in absolute terror. Lucas is abusive in every sense of the word, he calls her all sorts of names imaginable. She has lost herself, her dignity and self-esteem. The only time Lucas feels like a “real man” is when she’s miserable.


Lucas is a serial cheater, he cheats on her, he cheats on his side chicks too, and he also cheats on his side chicks side chicks up to the sixth generation. Lucas is a player at heart and party guy. He does nothing with his life than hang around friend who celebrate him for his exceptional player skills. This is a great ego boost for Lucas and so he constantly improves on his player skills to impress his friends even more. Did I mention that Lucas is also broke barely making end meet?
Well, One day MONKEY REFUSE TO EAT BANANA. The elastic has finally come to its limit. She could no longer take it…..and so she pack up and left Lucas …..and miraculously, Lucas finally admits that he’s broke. He is telling everyone and anyone willing to listen to his side of the story that “SHE LEFT ME BECAUSE I’M BROKE” And innocent sympathizers are sympathizing with Lucas and encouraging him to be strong….
Seriously, why do SOME men do this? How can you terrorize another human being for years only to play victim in the tragedy you yourself invented?
Playing the victim from this angle of being broke works like magic as society believes that most women are only after money. It sounds so believable when a man says “she left me because I’m broke”… about she “left me because I am a broken human being who did nothing but inflict pain on her?

Don’t let social media pictures fool you….
A happy picture does not signify a happy life or a happy relationship. The most depressing and exhausting life is that which is centered around chasing women/men, getting to the next party, a weekend that starts on a Thursday, expensive booze, clubs, designer clothes/bags/shoes/weaves, keeping scores of how many women/men you’ve slept with etc. These things may seem like an achievement when one is lost and blind, but quickly becomes a thing of shame when one sees the light.There has never been a statue raised in the history of humans for party gurus or the guy with the most women on his hit list! Wake up Lucas!


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