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The Law of Attraction states that what you attract in your life is determined by what you think. This law can also work against you if what you constantly think about is negative. Negative thinking holds you captive, limits your potential and deprives you of the success you deserve.

“Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds” 

Grass/weed don’t need any encouragement to grow. You don’t necessarily need to water it or fertilize it. You’ll find grass blossoming even in abandoned farms/gardens and even through crack walls. Crops/flowers on the other hand need all the care, the pruning, the watering for it to grow and do well. You can’t neglect your crops and still expect a good harvest. Consequently you can’t neglect your mind and still expect to win in life. Don’t allow your mind to run wild without any control. Protect Your Mind! As you can choose who is allowed to enter your life, you can also choose which thoughts are allowed to enter your mind.

The reality is that you don’t need to work extra hard to think negative, feel like crap or feel useless. It comes almost naturally. It is at this point where you’ve got to make a conscious decision to either believe your feelings/crappy thoughts or challenge them. You ought to be the script writer, director and controller of your thoughts. 

How can you stay positive all the time even when bad things happen?
How do you prevent these negative thoughts from coming into your minds?
How do you maintain vigor in your step and enthusiasm about your ingenious endeavors when the world is seemingly crumbling around you?
How do you stop sabotaging yourself and constantly putting your dreams in need of CPR?
Fortunately there are many solutions to this predicament. Today, we look at 5 simple ways to control our minds and prevent our thoughts from running wild. They are:


1. Invest in your mind.
Read personal developments books, motivating books, listen to motivating audios, watch empowering videos, read uplifting articles online, and connect with positive people on social media. Follow personal development blogs like mine. We are always on the outlook towards investing and upgrading our houses, businesses, cars etc. If only we could apply same momentum towards mind development. The mind also needs upgrade like we would other things. Mind empowerment is very critical. The difference between the multi-millionaires and the puppets on the sidewalks is mindset – the “shift of ideas”. A great way to stay positive and keep becoming the better version of yourself is continuous acquisition of the right knowledge/information through books, seminars, motivating audios/videos and positive like-minded people on social media. While at it, you can check out my post on Investing in your mind and best personal development books to read.
2. Stay Away From Negative/Toxic People
You cannot hang around complainers, blamers, bitter, angry people and still be positive. There are some people that deserve to be loved from a distance. “Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you” Observe the relationships around you. Pay close attention. Check which ones uplift, and which ones drain? Which ones encourage, and which ones discourage? Which ones are on a path of growth, and which ones are going downhill? Which ones always have drama? Which ones don’t really understand how to appreciate you and the gifts that lie within you? Observe, when you leave certain people – do you feel better or feel worse? Let go of people that feed and nurture your dysfunction or weaknesses in anyway. Surround yourself with people who can reciprocate what you pour. You do not get to choose the family you are born into, but you can still create a unique family of your choice through good friendships/relationships. 
3. Stay Away From Newspapers And Gossip Magazines.  
Ever watch the news or read a newspaper and instantly feel hopeless or like your peace of mind is under attack? I bet you have. You can’t be an ardent newspaper reader and still find the way to be positive about your dreams and life in general. The media sells negativity, scandals and lies to keep up with their profit margins. Truth don’t sell in the society in which we live. So, if you desire truth, empowerment, positivity and the motivation to move forward – you’d have to cut down on the amount of media you consume. I do not propagate boycotting the news entirely as you need to be aware of what’s going on in the world around you. A specific prime time news, business news and financial news may be a better option to newspapers and gossip magazines.
4. Be Grateful.  
Take a few moments each day to be grateful for what you have. A great way to stay positive and protect your mind from debilitating negative thoughts is with gratitude.You can make it your normal routine to start and end your day with a prayer of gratitude and mentally list out 5 things that you’re grateful for. If you can’t come up with new things each day, then you can always be grateful for the same 5 things or even 2 or 3 things. There is power in gratitude. If you’re having a rough day, try taking a mental “time out” and just close your eyes for like 60 seconds and repeat the things that you’re grateful for. Just by doing that, it can totally change your attitude – and attitude change can transforms a bad day into a good day.  
5. Spend time in nature
There is more order in nature than there is in society. Depending on where you live. Take a run in the snow, watch the sunset and the sun rise. Take a trip to the zoo, walk on the beach, sit by the lake, etc.  It’s great to take some time and appreciate the real world, a world unhindered by buildings and street lights. Examine flowers and trees. Take deep breaths and smell the air. Focus on all the stimuli your senses are capturing. This can drastically improve your mood and take your mind off all forms of negativity. 
You can heal your mind and you can heal your life!


By Nicky Verd

Thanks for making the time to read my posts. I work hard to make them valuable for you. So we get you to your best. Sooner versus later. The mind can be trained!

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