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It is a worthy cause to dream of a better future. But take note the future is not some far-far away land. The future starts now, the future is immediate and what you choose to do now right now is what can make all the difference to your future. Don’t stand on yourway to the success you dream of.
“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”. Abraham Lincoln

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”. Peter Drucker
Begin Today. Create a better future by creating a new you. You don’t have to dwell in a pit of despair, moaning over squandered time and lost opportunities. You cannot go back and change the past but you can create a better future. You can do nothing about the past. Your future is immediate…Grasp it in both hands and carry it with running feet. When confronted with the choice of “do nothing” or “do something” – always choose to take action! 
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but No one is coming to save you. Only you can take yourself to where you want to go. A knight in shining armour is nothing but a pretty lie. Though you have been programed from childhood to believe that you need to be dependent on others…but here’s the brutal truth – you are on your own when push comes to shove. 
This life God gave you is 100% your responsibility. You have the capability to be able to do anything. You have the potential to be your own knight in shining armour. You are the script writer and the protagonist in your own play. Believe in yourself! Believe in the hero God put inside your heart. Seize this moment. Choose now. Choose to begin today. Taking ownership of your life can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but just start small, take the jump and everything else will follow. There is a time to plant and a time to harvest. Even though the future may seem so far away, it is actually beginning right now. The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. 
“Man must cease attributing his problems to his environment, and learn again to exercise his will – his personal responsibility.” ~Albert Einstein
Taking responsibility for yourself is not the same as blaming yourself. You’d only sabotage yourself more if you choose excuses, self-punishment and self-pity over self-compassion and self-reliance. Blaming others is just as destructive as blaming yourself. Take full responsibility for your life, period! You will change for the better when full responsibility is taken both for the fruits and the tree. To change the fruits you must change the tree. You cannot plant lemons and expect to harvest apples.
Here are five 5 strategies to get you started in taking full responsibility for your life.
1. Forgive. This is an enormous task, one that usually requires a lifetime of repeating. Forgiveness doesn’t come easy.At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered, to forgive ourselves or the ones who inflicted the pain. Forgiveness is one of the hardest emotions because it is against your natural instincts.  However, holding onto past hurts only holds you back from taking ownership of your life. Holding a grudge is poisonous to your soul. Sometimes, the one you hold the most grudges against is yourself. So, forgive yourself, forgive others and be grateful for the lessons life has taught you.

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you”. Lewis B. Smedes


2. Decide what you want out of life. What do you want to do with your life? What does your heart most long for? Have you really given deep thought to what you want in life? Not what your mom/dad wants, not what your friends wants, not what you think you can do simply because it’s easy, BUT WHAT YOU WANT. These can be a hard questions to answer but ones you must answer if you really want to take ownership of your life and move forward. Stop staring out at the horizon. Choose something that appeals to you, and try it out. Worst case scenario can be, you’ll figure out what you DON’T want to do with your life and best case scenario can be, one opportunity will lead to another, and voila – you finally discover your purpose.
3. Act, don’t react. There are two ways you can approach life – creatingor reacting. Some people reacts to circumstance and cry “I’m a victim,” while others plan their lives and take the action necessary to get there. Failure to plan your life will cause you to react instead of act. Insanity is doing the same action over and over yet expecting different results.  When someone reacts to what is happening around them it is usually because they is no structure/plan in place.  Therefore, consciously create your life with responsibility and if something goes wrong you’ll act instead of react.
4. Compete and compare yourself with no one. Comparing yourself to other peoples’ accomplishments is a losing battle.The reality is that someone out there will always be better than you. So, make peace with it. You are not in some race to outrun or outshine anyone. Focus on your own path. You’ll start to stumble, start wondering if you’re good enough, why good things are happening to them and not you and jealousy cribs in when you compare and compete with others. Don’t focus on anyone else but you.
5. Attack fear. Life is a battle field and you don’t stand still in a war. Fear has been in control for too long. Attack your fear now, and you’ll destroy it – retreat, and it will destroy you. Fear is a parasite, and it feels very threatened by the idea of freedom – the idea of you living life on your own terms.  This parasite feeds off of drama, conformity, judgments, negativity and your resentment of change. You need to become comfortable with fear, embrace it and train it to be submissive to you. Start playing in your fear zone more often.  Get into superman/superwoman mode and master your fear so you can accomplish things that would have otherwise been impossible. Freedom is given only to those who are aware of what fear makes them do.
I learned very young to attack fear” Will Smith
Fears are nothing more than states of mind.” –Napoleon Hill
“It’s OK to get butterfly in your stomach; the key is to learn how to make them fly in formation.” –Georges St-Pierre
Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain”–Ralph Waldo Emerson
In conclusion, there is no better time to take ownership of your life than to start now! Plant seeds of greatness in your mind and in every projects you’re understanding.  You ask “What if things don’t work out?” Does that mean you have failed? NO – only if you quit. You will get temporary setbacks and detours in the road but never give up.  Failure is self-imposed. Failure a mindset.

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” – Thomas Jefferson


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