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My name is Charlie Tinyiko Junior Maimela. I was not the smartest of kids in school. I failed grade 8 in 2005 but somehow I was condoned to grade 9 due to my attitude and from that moment I told myself I can do better. In 2006 I relocated to a new school, people didn’t know me or my academic strength. I still remember telling myself I can do better. So, I started challenging myself through studying hard. At the end of that year I was the best learner in grade 9 until matric.

In 2010 I registered for my National Diploma in Nature Conservation from Tshwane University of Technology Gauteng to which I completed in record time and then a Btech degree from Mangosuthu University of Technology in KZN. I completed with Cumlaude (distinctions in all subjects) and later registered for a Masters Degree in Oceanography from Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Western Cape. In a nutshell, that’s my academic journey.

I started looking for internship at some point and eventually I got it.  It’s one of those experiences I still cherish till date. I wasn’t paid even a cent but was rather given 12.5 Kg of mealies, 2l of cooking oil, biscuits and a pack of soup on a monthly basis. On the other side, my friends were getting paid good stipend during that time, they were fortunate to work for big companies. I felt discouraged and almost gave up but I didn’t.

In 2013 I relocated to Pietermaritzburg to do my first ever paying internship, I didn’t know anyone there but I took the risk. I still remember when I packed my luggage with excitement. To this day I have no regrets whatsoever. My internship was fixed for 3 years and with a monthly stipend of R7100. That was a good beginning for me. I did my best to effectively manage what I was being paid. I was able to build a house which I believe was the beginning of real estate passion I have today.

I didn’t dive into real estate at the time but In 2015, I started learning about financial market, forex trading to be specific. When I got into forex trading, I was told it is easy and I was going to make a lot of money.  I had just completed my studies and was doing my internship. The main reason behind forex was to become an overnight millionaire…lol. I know it sound absurd but its the truth. I got into Forex with the hype of making millions, I always thought if these gurus are living large then I can make it too but I was in for a rude awakening. Everything was going great in the beginning, profit was rolling in. I was like this “yes, this is the life” Then things started going south. I lost so much money which was purely greed and the desire to make quick cash. I got burnt, lost everything and learned the hard way.




After funding my live account with a big amount, around + R100K I lost it all within a space of about 3 months. Then I came back with a backup strategy….oh so, I thought.  I invited investors but mostly people I knew and they invested on my Forex account with the hope of making quick buck too. In total I accumulated about R1 million. And then the big bang happened. I lost it all in just 5 months. Instead of making millions as I’d expected I found myself in heavy debt than I could handle.



Now this was my reality. Things have gone south quicker than I anticipated. I was in the middle of the ocean with no clue what to do next or who to turn to.  Then I turn to my friends and the people who invested in my account and told them of the tragedy. Shockingly, my friends changed completely and everyone wanted their money back. Some threatened me with court route and some threatened to end my life. I was in a deep hole. To say I was devastated, broke and heart broken would be an understatement. 
That was the lowest low and the darkest moment of my life.  But I had no excuse, I’d messed up and had no other choice than to pay back people’s money. I approached some of my friends for assistance whom I knew had money but none of them helped me in fact they went around making jokes about my tragedy. I would cry at night and during the day I pretended as if everything was okay in my life. Life seemed meaningless and at some point I even thought of ending my life but thank God I never went that rout. 


I told myself I can rise back from this. I started working on myself, read a lot of financial books and watched documentaries of successful people. Read how some of them were bankrupt, went through difficult times but yet never gave up. Through changing my mindset and empowering myself, I was able to embark on the gruelling process of paying back people’s money.   I began a very strict damage control which was grounded in financial discipline, honesty and the desire to restore my integrity/dignity. I moved out from where I was staying to a very low profiled location but I was glad to be saving on rents. In 2017 I paid off my debt. It came through lots of sacrifices.  I sacrificed my car, social life (not going out or eating out for a year), only bought clothes once in a very long time and so much more.



Today I stand tall because I survived those dark days. I am fully in real estate that I so love.  I am currently working on a project in KZN where I am building a complex of 30 cottages that will be accompanied by a restaurant and mini shopping centre. All of these wouldn’t have been materialized if it wasn’t the support, understanding, courage and they undiluted love from my dear wife a.k.a my heart who stood by me through it all. Never could have made it out of the darkest abyss without her.



In all these, the lesson I learn is success doesn’t come overnight. Success doesn’t come cheap. A relentless pursuit of a quick buck will get you burnt and maybe even buried if you’re not strong.  If you want success you have to work hard for it. Instant millionaire quickly leads to instant bankruptcy. Forex trading is not as easy as people make it seem. An average trader has almost no chance whatsoever to succeed and 5 out of 6 traders blow their entire account up in the first 6 months. 95% traders go broke, only 5% survive. A quick buck is for lazy people and cowards who are too scared to face the challenges of this world. 


I am glad I went through what I went through because today I know better and I have used my past experience to build a better solid foundation for my future with Maimela Properties. I am back on my feet, better and wiser. Now I dream of being a billionaire and I know though persistence and resilience it will be achieved


In conclusion I just want to remind my fellow brethren there are many important things than just money, if you can start off by knowing who you are and what you need in life then you can work your way to the top. Never forget to give love, support and appreciation to people close to you. Life is not only about money.  


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