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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou


Some people slave away at their office job but secretly wish for another life. They are not inspired by what they do. They simply bought into society’s social contract but deep down they carry an untold story inside them. It could be in music, sports, business, art, fashion, etc. They long to step out and do what really makes them happy and fulfilled. There is a soul-deep passion and purpose deep within them longing for an outlet. If you are this person….then read on to discover how and why you should give an outlet to your talent. 


Have you ever imagine how great you’ll feel to use your talent/gifts/skills to inspire other and make money for yourself — even if it’s just side-money? How great would you feel to finally put your talent to use? It may be tough, but stepping out is worth it. Staying in your comfort zones is boring. Rather adopt the mindset of a “craftsman” who continuously work to refine his skills and live outside his comfort zone. The act of showing up and engaging is the most important activity I can do.


  • Do something for a life and not just for a living


“It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. All I want to know is what does your heart ache for, and if you dare dream of meeting your hearts longings?” 


Maybe you’re unsure of what your talent is or you’ve just been ignoring it all these years. Either way, your calling will never stop calling. Pay attention to that nagging feeling that says there’s more in you. Finding an outlet for your talent can bring more joy into your life. Ask yourself questions, set your mind loose to roam and let waves of ideas and images break over you. What is your heart calling? Do you long to create something of your own? What do you so badly want to express? Let the questions guide your creative calling.  


The power inherent in talent is that it can awaken a wild vein of passion in you that will never go back to sleep. Through listening to your intuition – the thirst within you, the future you foresee, the change you can bring, the lives you can touch, the dreams in you that wants to leap out into the wild. Giving your talent the attention it craves ignites a fire in your heart never to be put out again. This goes beyond simply paying the bills. This is what life is all about. Magic is what happens when you’re in alignment with your purpose and unique abilities.  


  • Why follow your dreams or give an outlet to your talents?


Because the people who dare to follow their dreams/talents are the one with an incredible rare spark. It’s not just what they say, or even how they say it. It’s not so much how they hold themselves but its indescribable. It’s their energy; it’s their aura. It can be argued that everyone has it. That unique ability to align your soul with your passion and create your own unique style. And that style can be in anything, from fashion, to music, to art, to tech guru, to writing, to sports, to cooking, to baking, to any type of creative outlet. Sadly, conformity and an illusion for safety has cause many to lock their talents inside them. Nevertheless, greatness is what emerges when you allow yourself to be true, open minded, disruptive and revolutionary. 


Even in the business world, they are people with a rare spark. People who dared to follow their dreams. People like, Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc. And throughout history, you can find many others who took the road less traveled and stepped into non-traditional paths. These people at times are referred to as ‘the most influential people in history.’ Their talents, their work, their influence, and their ideas was their art. These people come from all walks of life, and they have one thing in common. They are unconventional. They are the game-changers, life-changers, path-changers, rule-breakers, style-makers, thought-changers and thought-leaders.


They are disruptive and revolutionary. They disrupted the normal way of doing things and revolutionized things. So the question is this…are you brave enough to find an outlet for that talent locked inside you?


Yes, of course not everyone among us can escape the cubicles. However, I seek to address the unhappy ones and ones whose purpose lie outside the cubicle. Nothing is impossible and you can design your future and create your own job where you don’t have to depend on your employer to pay your bills. For example, you’ve been an accountant for ten years, and everyone comes to you for monetary advice. Have you ever thought of running your own accounting/tax services?


  • Take charge of your talent and there’s no better way to start than on social media!


Social media is an equal opportunity for all. You have a platform, a global platform with access to billions of people. Why aren’t you making good use of it? Gone are the days where people log on social media only to check out who’s saying what, who’s wearing what, who’s driving what and who’s makeup is on fleek. It is time to harness the power of the internet and social platforms to make your voice heard. Bring you’re “A Game” on your own platform instead of seeking for a platform from someone. The smart ones are using social media to create a spotlight for themselves in arts, fashion, business, music, writing etc while others are manufacturing excuses, complaining about the government, the economy and all the bad things happening. There are only two options, “find a way or find an excuse”, either of the options is very much achievable.   


We live in an era where you have to visually showcase your talents. If you have even a smattering of some talent, a hobby or even an interest, don’t be invisible – bring it online. At the very least, talk about it and showcase it on your timeline. You could be a hashtag away from the next big thing. Many great talents have been discovered on the internet, through youtube, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. You have a thing for singing or dancing but there’s not a single video on youtube with your moves on it. You have a thing for drawing but there’s not a single art picture on your social media timeline. Posting only selfies will not take you anywhere. Swag don’t pay the bills.


  • Be strategic online and give your talent an outlet. 


The very fact that you’re ready this post is because I gave my talent an outlet. Therefore, do the same and be strategic on how you use the internet. You have the best food recipes, how about you start a youtube channel and show the world what you’ve got. As your audience grow you can partner monetize your channel and even partner up with food companies. You love makeup, how about you start a make-up tutorial channel? You carry a diary with you wherever you go, you write on every piece of paper that comes in contact with you. How about you start a blog and share your poetry and writing with the world? Don’t sit around and complain how you lack money to publish your book. Whatever gift/talents you have don’t wish for change or wait for any invitation from anyone. First things first, put yourself out there, make your talent visible online. It’d help you get feedback, perfect your skills and build an audience. No matter what happens, put your talent to work, give your talent an outlet and become so good you can’t be ignored and everything else will follow. Technological advancement has given creatives endless opportunities. There is no telling what you can become if you venture out. You are just a google search away to find the answers to most of your problems.


  • Shut your ears to the opinions of others


The one thing that stops us from putting ourselves out there and showing the world who we really are is this mindset of “what will people say?” I know because I’ve been there. I know the paralyzing fear of wondering what others are thinking of me. But in all honesty, you don’t need anyone’s permission to be yourself. Don’t get stuck in the expectations of people. The opinions of others can never pay your bills or build you a legacy for your children. Your life belongs to you. Your future belongs to you. You make it or fail in life is all up to you. You need not worry about what others think about you. Your future is at stake if you don’t do something about it. So, step out and start. Thing big and start small. The greatest power on earth is the cumulative potential of little steps. The first draft of a book is never the best. Your first drawing won’t be the best. First video of you singing or dancing might be horrifying but you keep going. Failure is bad of the process, messing up is part of the process but giving up is not.  Beat on your craft, you’ll get better with time. Focus on adding value…because at the end of it all, money will flow in the direction of value.  


By Nicky Verd
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