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People do business with people. Personal branding is becoming increasingly important because modern audiences tend to trust people more than corporations Your personal brand is the most important thing you own. Your business relies on your personal brand. You can also call it your reputation or online presence. 
What do you stand for? Nowadays, people live on the internet and you cannot escape the internet and you might as well be dead if you don’t have a personal brand online. “The world pays no attention to those who have nothing to offer”


“Often times consumers, clients, and customers are not just buying a product or service, they are buying an experience, a feeling, a perception, a person(YOU) and ultimately the BRAND”
― Bernard Kelvin Clive


 “A brand is a person that has a voice, evokes emotion and spreads a message. Build a brand or a brand will build you. Create your personal brand. If you don’t build your own brand, you will let someone else brand you with the wrong label.” ― Richie Norton


A great extreme example of a personal brand would be Richard Branson, the Founder of Virgin Group. We know about him before we even know about virgin group. Your personal brand is more important now than it ever was before — but that’s not to say that this means you have to aim to become an influencer.
What do you stand for? A personal brand establishes you as a natural leader, makes you someone worth listening to and opens doors for you. Sometimes, I go through people’s profiles on social media in an attempt to get to know them but I see nothing. They write nothing on their own platform but rather sharing only other people’s posts. They basically have no voice and no opinion of their own….this is very detrimental and a strategic blunder especially for those in business.


Let’s take a look at these Tips for building a memorable personal brand:
1. Know your Purpose. We cannot talk branding without finding your purpose first. What is your purpose? What do you stand for? Where do you want to be and why? What it is that you wanna do? What idea/business is inside you? Until these things are out there branding is impossible. 


2. Get Your Social Media Profiles In Order. You’ll want to ensure that you get your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages in order. Plus any other social networks you’re using to promote yourself or your content. This includes deleting unprofessional images and videos from your Facebook profile, cleaning up distasteful comments on Instagram and keeping an updated and active LinkedIn profile. “Be cautious about posts that showcase partying, [or the like]. It will only work against you. People have been denied jobs base on their social media accounts. One guy had a profile pic with him wearing nothing but a socks on his dick. We are living in a very sensitive climate and online tone can easily be misinterpreted. Social media handles have replaced business cards, so your accounts should reflect the personal brand you hope to project to your people. Are you artsy? Are you funny? What are you passionate about? What is your purpose? Your posts should reflect all these – your passion, purpose and personality.


3. Be Authentic: Be the true you; know yourself and resist the tendency to be too humble. Arrogance never works but confidence does. Treat social media platforms and new connections just as you would in real life, be human. However, be sure you are promising what you can deliver and positioning yourself in a way that works for you. Connecting on an emotional level will ensure that your message and your personal brand gets across. Just be you, in your normal setting, talking about what’s important to you and your development. Sure, you should present that content in a friendly and approachable way, but you should never deviate from being authentically you. Otherwise, you risk looking fake.


4. Be shameless. You have to be shameless in building your brand. You can’t be uncomfortable or water yourself down because you’re worried what others will think of you. Great people are shameless, they risked it all to put themselves out there. Mohamed Ali was shameless, Martin Luther King was shameless, Steve Jobs was shameless,…etc.  People who are afraid to build their brands do so coz they don’t want to be humiliated or misunderstood….but then the people who are never humiliated are those whom no one knows nothing about.


5. Build other people up as you build your brand. Some people think branding yourself means knocking other people down and tearing them apart. Bashing others, showing off will not get you a good personal brand. When you say negative things about others, people cannot help but associate that same negative thought to you. 


6. Know Your Target Audience. You cannot serve everybody. Know your target audience. Identify the type of people you want to connect with. Single men/women? Entrepreneurs/hustlers? Students? Mom? Teachers? Parents? Part of building your personal brand involves knowing what you do well (purpose) and who you want to engage with. With these two items in hand, you can begin to understand how what you share and what you comment on can help the people in your niche. Now combine this insight with what you do well and there is an opportunity to help inform and build your online presence in a positive way.


7. Post Content Consistently. The key to your personal brand is consistency. Consistency is a must, as it helps ensure you’re on people’s mind. Your personal brand is essentially made up of the content you create and share, from your LinkedIn updates to, to Facebook, Instagram and to your website’s blog posts. Share content regularly that aligns with your personality and what your business does. Over time, people in your niche will start to recognize your account and your name and what you stand for. Sadly, some people never get to post anything on their profile, they only share stuff from other people.


8. Embrace Video Content. Video is emerging as an extremely popular posting format. Your clothing, food choices, tone of your voice, and physical setting all sets the tone for your brand. We are seeing more and more people go life on facebook these days. 


9. Network, Network, Network. You don’t just want followers on Instagam/Twitter/facebook. You want acquaintances who are engaged and informed about your professional journey. “Be sure to engage on posts of other accounts with likes and comments.  Ask questions that reflect you are an out-of-the-box thinker who pays attention to what is happening with their accounts. Add your two cents, put your thought out there, help solve a problem, provide interesting research or data, these are all great ways to build engagement.


Curating your own image and developing your personal brand will enhance your life, no matter what you do for a living. It’d establish your reputation and an identity. It’d establish your reputation and an identity and this is NOT about taking someone else’s ideas and passing them off as your own but about creating your own unique voice.

By Nicky Verd
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  • Pat Suttle Reply

    What an informative blog post. Building a brand requires a personal approach with a global appeal. Thanks Sis Nicky too are a game changer.

    May 19, 2018 at 12:19 pm
  • Nicky Verd Reply

    Absolutely…Thank you Pat

    May 20, 2018 at 3:54 am
  • Ntombi Malatsi Reply

    I enjoyed reading this post, thank you. You are absolutely right when you say that people buy a person behind a service/product. You are also 100% correct about the importance of finding your own voice as an individual.

    I also believe in keeping it real, in being you because you won't have to try too hard to impress anyone (which is too exhausting anyway). People are likely to believe you anyway if you don't appear to be too perfect. I personally prefer to deal with real human beings who are not trying too hard to impress me. And I really wanted to keep this comment short, but what can I say? I suck at keeping it short. I think that's a weakness maybe, just maybe. I will definitely stop by this blog again.

    May 30, 2018 at 6:36 pm
  • Nicky Verd Reply

    Thank you for your valuable input Ntombi. Perfection is intimidating and unreal. #KeepItReal

    Jun 1, 2018 at 7:10 am

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