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You may fall head over heels or go crazy for someone who makes you forget your name with just a single glance but what will really make you vibrate for the long haul is the person who shares core values with you. Couples who share the same values have a bond that goes beyond understanding. 


Values are your firmly held beliefs about what makes you authentic and also what you see as valuable in others. Your core values are things you cannot do without, things that will make you uncomfortable and out of step with yourself if you derail.


We are programmed to prefer partners who are different from us to keep the relationship fresh and exciting. An example of this can be a relationship between an extrovert and an introvert. But a relationship between someone who values building wealth vs someone who lives in the moment is a disaster. 


Relationships that are built on shared values are much more strong and likely to endure almost anything. Someone who shares your core values will stick by your side once the early excitement subsides and the goosebumps disappear.


It doesn’t matter how attractive, irresistible, and well-built they are.  It doesn’t matter if they make you laugh and are respected by society. It doesn’t matter if you guys finish each other’s sentences, drive matching cars, wear matching outfits, and drink coffee from matching mugs – It’d never work if your values are mismatched. 


Think About It….


If you believe in making a difference, moving up in the world, building a business, empowerment, change, education, investing in the future, building a legacy, etc…. Is your significant other on the same page with you? If NO, then you’re heading for trouble. 


If you love cars, shopping, drinking, clubbing, doing drugs, partying, etc… Is your significant other on the same page with you? 


Do you both strive towards living in the moment or towards success (whatever success means to you both)?


Miss-alignment of “Core Values” causes havoc and creates major disruption in relationships/Marriage. The type of man/woman you are attracted to says who you are.


Therefore, find someone who shares the same “Core Values” as you.


  1. Slay kings for slay queens
  2. Nyaope boys for Nyaope girls (drug addicts)
  3. Party boys for party girls
  4. Cheating boys for cheating girls
  5. Weed boys for Weed girls
  6. Alcoholic boys for Alcoholic girls
  7. Boss Gents for Boss Ladies
  8. Legacy builders for legacy builders….This is where you find a partner who’s already weird for empowerment, transformation, wealth building, legacy building and making a difference in the world.


You can never again say you didn’t know. Pick your number and go for it…. “wink”

By Nicky Verd
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