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Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years? You don’t need a prophet to know this is an interview question. It is embedded deep into our subconsciousness. Some people have been through so many interviews in their lifetime so much that they can answer this question in their sleep while others dread the question. It really makes no difference whether you can answer the question or not. The question has been the same for centuries and so are the answers. Rehearsed, programed and wired. Beyond the interview, no one takes this question serious. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years is such an important life question that has been hijacked by the corporate world. School teaches on how to answer this interview question. Friends give their own suggestions on how you should answer. The internet is filled to the brim on how you can answer this interview question. Your 5 to 10years plan is condensed into 3 to 10min of that interview session and that’s it, its over as soon as you step out the interview room.
What if we could prepare for life as much as we prepare for interviews? What if we could really map out our 5 to 10years plan on our own without waiting for an interview? What if you don’t get an interview in the next 5years? Does that mean you won’t plan your life? Some people have never really given a thought of how their next 5years will look like including those who answered the interview question correctly and got the job.
The reality is that the corporate world does NOT  really care about your 5years plan. They are only concerned about their 5years plan. Almost every question in the standard corporate-and-institutional interview is just a script. The answers are usually always centered around the job and the organization one is hoping to work for and of course that’s how it should be and that’s why a sensible person should design their own personal 5years plan.  
Typical answers to where do you see yourself in 5years are something like:


  • Sir?Mam, after 5 years I see myself 10 times better than today with more responsibilities for the growth of your organization.
  • Sir/Mam, I want to see myself in a managerial position in the company I am working for.
  • Sir/Mam, I see myself handling good projects in a well reputed company like yours.
  • Sir/Mam, I see myself as an important person of respectable position in a reputed organization like yours.


If life was an interview these are great answers but then life is more serious than an interview. These answers shows that your life is not your own. The outcome is dependent on company policies and procedures. You have no control whatsoever to the outcome of this 5years or 10years plan. Your fate is out of your hands. If the company goes down you go down and if the company goes up, there’s no guaranteed you will go up with them. The company can restructured you out at any given moment without considering that conversation you guys had in the interview room. Give them your 5 to 10 years plans but nobody is going to make you a five-year-long job offer. You are still disposable irrespective of what plan you sold yourself on. 
My point is that if you want to live a fulfilling life that makes a difference then you’ll have to prepare for life and not just an interview. You’ll have to answer life’s questions and not just interview questions. You should design your own life and decide your own destiny.  Design a 5 to 10 years plan that will allow you refocus on what really matters. Carving out the life you want isn’t easy but the pain of regret far outweighs the pain of change. As a generation we should begin to question some of the ideologies pass down to us. Don’t let the noise of expectations of society drown your own voice of intuition.
You should have your own personal 5 to 10years plan whether you’re in a job or not. make yourself a valuable asset to society and not just a company. Challenge yourself to do better in life and not just at a job. Learn, grow and keep growing and learning even when the company you work for stops growing and learning. “Build a life and not a resume” You’ll become unstoppable if you can master the art of designing a life that does not depend on policies, procedures and laws outside your control.  

By Nicky Verd
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