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I recently had an interesting conversation with an Uber driver while returning home from an event I was speaking at. We started a casual chat and it quickly turned into an interesting, inspirational and educational conversation. He told me a time came in his life when he needed change so badly…he got tired of being broke all the time even though he had a job. He then decided to quit his job and became an Uber driver. His father nearly had a heart attacked when he made the decision to quit his job. His father told him quitting his job means he wasted all the money the family spent on him to put him through school and university. He said nevertheless, he stood by his decision.

He said he was earning R17000.00 every month from his job but was always broke. After quitting his job, he started as an Uber driver with his car he was driving at the time. Things were very slow in the beginning but he said he felt so much freedom just being out side of the office environment. As time went on, he started to understand how things work in the Uber world and he picked up momentum accordingly.

After one year, he bought a second car on auction. Now had two cars on Uber. He kept pushing and today he has 4 cars on Uber and all of them combine make about R15000.00 per week, which makes it about R60000.00 per month. He told me being an Uber driver in South Africa has brought him in contact with so many VIP’s that he could never have met then in real life if he’d stayed stuck in the office. Networking with these people has open his eyes even more and he’s starting to branch out into other businesses as well.

There is a whole new world out there but you’d never know until you take that leap of faith and step out. Financial freedom starts outside a salary. We’ve been programed from childhood to go to school, get a certificate and get a job. But this model is flawed. Many are sinking because of they can’t afford to lose their social contract and reputation. Student are deep into debts even before they ever earn their first income.

I’m actually glad that a lot of people are now starting to wake up to the reality that it’s better to be street smart than classroom smart. Those who are educated the most are the most broke and drowning in debt. I’m not against education but the truth is that street smart people make more money and progress faster in life than classroom smart people, or should I say office smart people. Street smart people are open minded and willing to hustle even from the boot of their cars. Street smart people are willing to get into network marketing and sell anything.  Street smart people are willing to start any business no matter how undignified it may be viewed by society. Street smart people don’t care about having a dignified job title yet borrowing money for petrol/taxi every month to get to work.

If the system was design to pay salaries only after one year instead of one month, I believe many people would’ve been entrepreneurs. But because the reward for getting a job comes only in 30days, everyone wants a quick fix. A business can take years to yield a profit but he who laughs last laughs best. Nevertheless, graduates, should not be imprison by their certificates. Employees should not be imprison by their salaries. The unemployed or the uneducated should not be imprison by their circumstances.

Whatever your situation is, you can create change if you want change. Street smart people are creative and open minded to trying things until they find their big break. Many successful people in our world today found their big break outside their certificate and academic qualifications. Don’t be deceive into thinking that there’s only one way to make it in life. Don’t be too proud to be rich. There are plenty of ways to make it in life if you’re willing to get your hands dirty and hustle. You may look down on an Uber driver, but he/she might be making more money than you’d ever dream of.


By Nicky Verd

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