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I am WOMAN. Like Ariana Dancu “I make broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. I’ve walked with the mountain on my shoulders and made it looked like a pair of wings”. I am a blend of weakness, strength, vulnerability and struggle all wrapped in grace. I scream when I am silent. I cry tears that no one sees.


I look at myself and I’m amaze. I am no stranger to struggle. I’ve fought many battles and I’ve faced many challenges. I’ve experienced betrayal, rejection, abuse, loneliness and shame. I’ve fought battles that some will only ever watch in movies. I’ve faced defeat and failure but I’m still standing. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve learn and I’ve grown. I am a comforter, a bridge builder and a peace maker. I am a warrior woman, I have an appointment with destiny and nothing and no one can bring me down. I am adorable, I am worthy, I am enough… I am WOMAN!

I am WOMAN. I maintain my zeal like I’ve never been disappointed. I try again like I’ve never failed. I keep walking like I’ve never tripped. I love like I’ve never been hurt. My transparency is meant to lift. I am not here to impress but to impact. Sometimes there’s a sharp tongue and a ruthless attitude but those that have encountered me knows how beautiful I am. My scars are how I navigate my path. I have rough edges that need to be smoothed out with love.

I was not built to break. I was born to move mountain and cross oceans, I came to this world with my hands closed and in my hands I had a purpose. I decided to open my hands and the world shall feed off God’s gift. I am a seed that can germinate on any soil in any condition.

My life has been a baptism of fire but I came out refined. God used pain to redirect my life, redefined my total thought process, awaken my spirit and the goodbyes have been a welcome hello to me. Sometimes people can’t believe that inside this 1.67” tall tiny woman there are jaw dropping, colorful, deep and unheard stories. I am from a third world country with a world-class mindset.

Like Maya Angelou, perhaps “Now you understand, just why my head’s not bowed. I don’t shout or jump about or have to talk real loud. When you see me passing, it ought to make you proud. I say, It’s in the click of my heels,  The bend of my hair,  the palm of my hand,   The need for my care. Cause I’m a woman. Phenomenal woman. That’s me”…. And that’s you too my Lady.

Happy Women’s Day to y’all my lovely Ladies. Always remember to speak good thing about yourself.

Happy Women’s Day!

By Nicky Verd

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