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This is a book from my heart to yours. A  new kind of book for a new way of thinking that’d keep you on the edge of your seat. I have poured tremendous time, thought, research, passion and resources into making this book a reality. “Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted: Escape Mediocrity, Reinvent Your Thinking and Thrive in a World That’s Fast Changing is a practical playbook for harnessing “personal breakthrough” which is indisputably the vehicle through which success and economic growth travels.

A shift in mindset is required to thrive in the current economic era and this cannot be achieve at an academic level, social latitude or political sphere but at a personal level. “Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted”  is for anyone looking to break the shackles of conformity, disrupt and recreate themselves.

This timely book is divided into three parts: (3 in 1 Power Pack)

Part One: Establishes the baseline and necessity for personal disruption by looking deep into how cutting edge technologies are reshaping the world and the impact of automated systems on employment. Which begs the question, where is the next generation going to find “jobs” if the status quo is maintain.

Part Two: This is the heart of the book with a focus on changing our mindsets and long held beliefs in a changing world. It contains inspiring stories of real people who disrupted the status quo. This section explores unconventional ways in which personal disruption can happen at its greatest impact; as personal breakthrough is the vehicle through which success and economic growth travels. Regardless of your academic qualifications or family background, success is attainable. Dreams, talents, innovation, creativity and an ability to solve problems remain the most prized skills in today’s economy.

Part Three: Provides “Business Nuggets” and “25 Unique Business Ideas” to encourage and preserve the entrepreneurial spirit in Africa; as young people are rising as risk takers, inventors, disruptors, thought leaders and pioneers of the future. The tides are turning and Africa’s hopeful transformation lies in entrepreneurship and a mindset revolution.

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