I survived 2018…Yehhh!

Resilience and Survival

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My survival story for 2018 is quite a long one but I won’t bore y’all with details but I’ll give enough snippet. A lot happened in my life this year. I had lots of disappointments and doors slammed in my face… but the most frightening experience of them all was lying on that hospital bed. Being admitted in hospital taught me the value of good health. “Health is wealth” may sound like a naïve cliché statement to someone who has never had a headache, but when you are fighting for your life, whether you are broke or loaded, nothing else matters.

Around this time last year, while people were excited about the festive season and the new-year 2018, I was on the brink of despair and in severe pain. The last 3months of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 started with visits to hospital and continued throughout 2018. Then in September this year, I was admitted in hospital. Scared out of my wits but God was with me through it all. I made more visits to hospital this year than I’ve had my entire life. As my symptoms persisted, Doctors feared for the worst and had to be double sure. The uncertainty and the fear nearly drove me to the jaws of death…but I picked myself up! I had 2 mammograms, 2 ultrasounds, 2 biopsies, all in under one year. And the biggest threat that was hovering over me for almost one year was finally rolled out. All medical results showed negative….No trace of cancer! Glory to God!💃💃💃🙌

For almost one year, I was in pain that sometimes didn’t respond to pain-killers but I refused to give up hope. I fought to regain my health with everything in me. I directed the pain, frustration, anger and despair towards ensuring I completed writing my book. I told myself “well, if I’m gonna die, I might as well leave something behind that’ll continue to impact lives.” I didn’t listen focus on the symptoms. I focused on my purpose/dreams and kept writing and engaging with people as though everything was perfect.💪💪

I became even more determine to finished writing the book after I was discharged from hospital and I did. The initial plan was to publish my book before the end of this year but I got stuck due to lack of resources. Even though pre-selling the book didn’t really work…and things aren’t going as I’d plan with the book, but I’m so glad the writing process is over and I’m just few steps away to officially publishing my first book “Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted.” There’s a plan underway. Me and my team are working on a crowdfunding campaign to help complete the process of publishing the book. And all things being equal, this life-changing book should be publish officially in March 2019. Nothing is impossible!💪 💃 I’m super excited about this book. Will keep y’all updated about the progress.

Whatever I accomplished in 2018, I did it while a single Mom, hustling to put food on the table and fighting what I thought to be a deadly disease. Now the pain is gone, the symptoms are almost zero💃💃. I still have follow-up visits to the hospital but my health is restored. I feel more alive than ever because I know I’ve got a rendezvous with destiny and with God on my side there is nothing life can throw at me that can destroy me. Destiny most be fulfilled! I WILL NEVER GIVE UP! 💪

Dear 2019, I am ready for whatever you have in store for me…. “Survived 2018” should definitely be added to my CV…🤞😅.

The “purpose” of this post is to ENCOURAGE, INSPIRE and EMPOWER someone who might be going through something as we getting ready to step into 2019…. Don’t die before you die. Pick yourself up and fight!

Life is not for the faint heart. And I don’t want anyone to ever look at my smiling shinny pictures on social media and think I have it easy…that’s why I share my journey with y’all – the good, the bad and the ugly.

I am Nicky Verd!

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