Updates on the Progress of my Book (I Need Your Help)

Even heroes need heroes and the strongest among us need help sometimes

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Hello Fam,

This is a different kind of post. I just wanna Update y’all on the progress of my Book, “Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted.” I’ve been kinder silent about it because some underground work was being done and I wasn’t yet sure which direction it was going but I am now certain. I know many of you are eagerly waiting for this book….but trust me, I am much more eager and excited than y’all☺️💃🙌. I can’t wait to finally put this book out into the world. Some of you have been inboxing me on when it’d be officially released🤔.

Well, that’s the reason for this post. To try and answer that question. Actually, the book should have been released by now according to my “plan A” but my plan A failed dismally and since i am not a quitter🤪 I am now on plan B. I’ve come too far to give up now💪

I meet a book distributor/publisher in the last couple of weeks and they are very impress with the book and very keen on distributing the book into bookstores Nationwide once it is published…because they believe the message in my book is highly relevant. However, they’ve taken a look at the book and insist on a “professional touch” and some few key changes to bring the book up to standard. Reason being they don’t want their brand to represent a book that has hiccups…. Which is quite understandable☺️.

Well, this “professional touch” needs money…money I don’t have. Remember, I’ve been working on the book mostly by myself because I couldn’t afford certain professional processes. But now “Plan B” is put in place to solve this “lack of funding” problem so we can produce and publish a quality book we all can be proud to see on bookstores and bookshelfs👌. I don’t wanna miss out on an opportunity to have the book in bookstores🤞🙌

As a result, I’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign on www.thundafund.com on Monday 4th Feb 2019 asking for your support to finalize everything and print the book. The campaign will run for exactly one month. Everyone who supports the campaign will get copy of the book once its published. So this is basically the same like pre-ordering the book in advance. Just that the funds are highly needed now to get the book ready for printing🙏.

I believe this book will illuminate and touch the four corners of Africa BUT I need your help to make this happened. Even heroes need heroes and the strongest among us need help sometimes. “I alone cannot change the world but together, we can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripple effects” Mother Theresa. Sometimes even the changemakers who are the visionaries, the humanitarians, the creatives also need help from the changemakers who are experts in facilitating change. I am counting on you!🙏🙏

We’ve worked out the time-frame and the cost with my publisher (cost breakdown is on Thundafund) and if everything goes according to this new plan, the book will be officially released 3rd week of April 2019.

Stay tuned, let’s make a difference together. The crowdfunding campaign goes live Monday morning. Your invaluable support will be eternally remembered with gratitude.🙌🙌🙏🙏

Project Link https://www.thundafund.com:443/project/disruptyourselforbedisrupted

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