Book Review by Dave Romero: Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted

In this book, Nicky Verd takes you through her pain of being retrenched. She understands first hand what people go through in the job market.

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I am Dave Romero, Group CEO of SeedLife Caban Impact Investment.

Nicky Verd gave me a digital copy of her book titled, Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted to read for an honest review. I read the book and the most appropriate word is WOW! This is a must read!

Prepare to go on a journey with this book. A frank and sober look of what is happening to our current and future job market. Sometimes we don’t want to face reality but it serves no purpose to deny the inventible. Things are changing and this narrative articulated by Nicky Verd brings home in no uncertain terms what lies ahead.

Her analysis of the 4th revolution reminds us that there is no turning back. The world is changing, and it’s changing fast. What was science fiction of the past is becoming reality. This book brings that to home in a practical analysis.

“Personal disruption is about how you choose to respond to what’s happening in the world.” This is a powerful statement in Nicky Verd’s book. As in everything in life, it always starts a decision. A decision to change. Like all entrepreneurs, when there is a new frontiers emerging you will find them coming up with solutions.

In Chapter three Nicky embraces this thought process and showcases what career path will be available for open minded individuals that embrace change.

In part two, some very challenging statements are made. It is indeed what you allow into your mind is what will sit there. You change your mind set you change your circumstances.

Entitlement is a dream killer. What a great statement! This kind of disruptive thought process is what is necessary in South Africa today. The book seeks to inspire young people to get out of a dependency, entitlement mind set and start with out-of-the-box thinking process. Come up with innovative ideas that are disruptive. Learn, read and apply their mind in this new landscape that we find ourselves. It encourages you to dispense with a victim attitude.

It takes great courage to open oneself and tell your own story. Nicky takes you through her pain of being retrenched. She understands first hand what people go through in the job market. That makes the author genuine and gives her great credibility. You’d be so immersed that you can almost feel the pain she went through yourself.

Through the chapters, it makes you analyse and question your own circumstances. Why am I where I am today? Why am I not listening to my inner voice? Why do I subscribe to what society tells me to do? Who are am I?

Are you willing to question yourself? Do you have a purpose?

“Chase your dreams even when the world laughs at your guts. Struggle now and shine later.”

“ A negative mind can never give you a positive life”.

“The cost of not following your dreams is spending the rest of your life wishing you had”.

These are some of the quotes from the book that motivates you to disrupt your life.

The journey ends with inspirational chapters that make you think and want to make changes in your own life. It motivates you to disrupt your life with good examples across a broad spectrum with some interesting parables and real life stories. It also gives practical advice how to make it in business with some interesting business ideas. Oh my, what a book! I totally enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed!

Prepare to be Disrupted!

By Dave Romero, Group CEO | SeedLife Caban Impact Investment

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