How to ADD VALUE to your Online COMMUNITY. (The Power of Content with Practical Examples)

The digital era and the Web landscape has provided the means for everyone to have a voice.

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As the world is becoming more and more digital, Have you found yourself wondering how to add value to your online audience or customers? Have you found yourself wondering what to write or what to say or even where to start? If yes, then this article is just for you!

Whether you are looking for a job, or you are a business owner, or you are selling any type of product or service online, the best way to stand out from the crowd is to provide value to your audience or to your potential clients or to your potential employer. Gone are the days where people just buy without first doing research on that particular product or service. 

The million-dollar questions are:

  • Will your name or the name of your business pop up online during the research process?
  • Are you creating content?
  • Are you innovative in how you’re putting yourself out there?
  • If I were to Google or your business right now or your name right now, what will come up?

The digital era and the Web landscape has provided the means for everyone to have a voice and a digital footprint. With a computer, a smartphone and access to the internet you can become anything you want to be. You can become your own PR, you can blow your own trumpet, you can tell your own story, be your own publisher, and so much more.

Back in the day, In the age of our parents and grandparents, you had to be a celebrity or have connections in high places for a journalist to look in your direction, not to mention writing about you or your business. But today we have all that power at our fingertips. We can tell our own stories whenever and however we choose. 

The internet and Social networks have given us an incredible opportunity not only to innovate and create content but also to reach a global audience.

So, why aren’t you using your voice? Why is your business only known among your family, friends and neighbors?

It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in, anyone with a smartphone, a social media account, a website or a blog is your competition.

I have a very personal experience on how content has open up opportunities for me. So, read till the end…

Businesses/brands that provide value and answers customers questions with educational content before they even ask will be the winners in this digital economy. Is your business/service providing value or your website is just a digital pamphlet with a shiny logo on it?

In my book, Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted, I mentioned that “No matter what business you’re into, ensure you challenge basic assumptions and rethink how you can make the experience better for your clients. Be different, adore your clients and shower them with value, convenience, efficiency and speed. Taking friction points out of the way will encourage your clients to become addicted to you” 

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Content is powerful. Content is King!

Education is no longer confined to the classroom. Education is now on Google and People buy from businesses that educate them with content.

Content has the power to create relationships and real bonds with consumers. For example, think of someone you’ve never met in person but you’re following them on social media and always consuming their content. It starts to feel like you know them. It starts to feel like you can do business with them or recommend them if an opportunity were to arise.

And that’s exactly how others will feel about you and your business or your brand if you were to start providing value to others.

Some people believe that the about section of their website is their content. If a potential client lands on your website, they aren’t exactly going to be fascinated and thrill by information on who founded the business and the date the business was founded. Customers want value!

You may be wondering and worry about what to write or where to start. No worries, I got you! If you prefer visual content, then watch the video version of this article on YouTube. Otherwise, keep reading…

Video Version

Here are some practical examples or ways to go about adding Value to your audience, your clients or potential employer. I’ll just run through different types of examples and you’ll find where you or your business fits in best:

  • If you are selling Blenders, then write about best smoothie recipes or how to make Coconut Milk. Think of different uses of blenders and come up with topics to write about.
  • If you are selling speakers or sound systems, write about how to organize a party or how to organize a Backyard Party. Think of party ideas, event ideas and all ideas directly or indirectly linked to using speakers.
  • If you are looking for a job, start being active on your social media especially LinkedIn. Focus on solving problems and providing value rather than just harassing people on LinkedIn with your CV. Write content around the industry or industries you want to get a job in. Focus on providing value and solving problems in that industry. Research on what problems that industry is facing and provide solutions in your articles. In doing this, you’ll stand out from the rest by actually showing what you bring to the table.
  • If you are a student, do the same. Research about your industry and start writing and providing value on LinkedIn. You never know who will read that and how far that article/content can go. The more you research and write, the more you’ll learn and understand about the real world of work which of course is very different from the student world. 
  • If you are selling travel bags or suitcases, write about Backpacking or how to pack a suitcase. Give tips on how people can best pack up for a trip. You might be tempted to think; no one Googles that…but believe me, people Google all sorts of things online and if your content provides the value/answers they are looking for then that’s where your name and your business will come up supposing you’ve been writing good content on the subject.
  • If you are a Lawyer, write content around your specific niche of law.
  • If you’re a speaker or an author like myself, then provide value around topics you usually write and speak on. For me, I write content on digital transformation, technology, disruption, innovation, and how you can recreate yourself in a world of disruptive change.
  • If you are a Graphic Designer, write content on choosing the right branding colours for your business. Write on colour psychology in branding. Educate your clients on why should a certain business/brand chooses an orange colour instead of grey, etc.
  • If you are a car mechanic, show people how to DIY certain aspects of their cars. You can either do this through video content, infographic or step by step articles.
  • If you are selling baby accessories, provide advice and tips for new mothers and baby care.
  • If you’re into fashion. Provide content on fashion trends around the globe.
  • If you’re into Real Estate, ask yourself what kind of information do people seeking to buy a house look for? Then answer that question in your content.

There is something to write on every industry…from logistics to hospitality to healthcare, to technology there’s always something to write about. So, don’t sit on the fence and hope clients or someone will notice.

The more value you provide, the more people will trust your brand

Someone recently asked me Nicky, how do you manage to get all these speaking invites. She wanted to know if I had an agent. I told her my strategy is that I am loud and visible on all online platforms that matter. From my website to my social media. I am in your face. Its hard for anyone not to notice me when am in the room, not because am seeking attention, but because of the value I constantly put out there.

And so, here’s my own personal experience that I promised to share with you at the beginning of the video. I was in Rwanda in February this year just before the world went on lockdown as a speaker at one of the Biggest Tech Conference on the African continents because of this article I wrote on LinkedIn. That article went viral, had so much engagement and the Founder of Africa Tech Summit sent me an invite after reading that article. When I saw who he was I inbox him immediately after accepting his invite on LinkedIn. A conversation ensued, one thing led to another and I ended up at the Africa Tech Summit in Kigali as one of the speakers. It was such an amazing experience.

Africa Tech Summit

Back in South Africa where I live, I had two Radio interviews because of the same article. So, I’m telling you what works. providing value to your online community can open up amazing opportunities for you and your business or brand.

Prior to the world being on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of the speaking invitations I got both nationally and internationally were usually from people who’ve been following my content online. They’ll say something like, we’ve been following you for a while and we have so and so event coming up and think you’d be a great fit. See what I mean…

That’s the power digital marketing and content!

So, start providing VALUE right away!

Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted!

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