The Hobby Economy – An Alternative to EARNING AN INCOME as Job Losses Continue to Mount

Think outside the box, think outside a job, think outside your academic qualifications!

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Have you lost your job and wondering how you will survive without it? Well, here’s an idea for you to consider; The Hobby Economy! A hobby is generally referred to as an activity done for enjoyment, typically during one’s leisure time, not professionally and not for pay, but in my opinion, the hobby economy is no longer going to be about leisure and relaxation but about alternate ways to make an income.

The South African National Treasury has warned of a jobs bloodbath in the country, putting a number to the potential damage that the Covid-19 could push the country’s unemployment rate to over 50% in 2020. Other private sectors like Nedbank forecasts that over 1.6 million jobs will be shed in South Africa in 2020. And this is not a unique case to South Africa but a global crisis as the Covid-19 pandemic continues wreak havoc on the job global market. And there is no quick recovery from this.

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There was a time where if jobs were scares in one industry, you simply transition to the next industry. If jobs were scares in one country or one city you simply move to the next, if jobs were scares in one organization, you simply move to the next but right now, every industry and every organization, every country is under pressure. pressure to cut cost, pressure to reduce the workforce, pressure to avoid filing for bankruptcy, pressure to survive the pandemic, Well, unless your organization is Amazon, which I suppose its not but that’s beside the point.

The point is how will humanity transition now and post the pandemic? where do we run to? What options do we have to make a living as the job market keeps shrinking?

It seems the only place and only one we’ve got to run to this time is ourselves. Many of us have been running away from ourselves, running away from our purpose, running away from our calling, running away from our hobbies and hiding in a job and with that job gone, there’s no place to hide. We’re being force to look within ourselves for solutions on how to survive and thrive in these trying times. Your hobby can become your lifeline. You can now consider turning that thing you’ve always loved doing for leisure into an income.

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Yes, of course, am aware they are those that have actually gotten their dream job or a promotion during this pandemic. they are organizations doing way better than they did before the pandemic, and Zoom is one of those shinny examples, Amazon is another shinny example but these are the exceptions not the norms.

For millions of people across the world, the story is different. Job Losses Continue to Mount despite reopening of economies. For some people, their hours and income has been cut and some have lost their job completely. And because competition is so fierce for the few jobs that are available, many people are being forced to look for alternatives. And so, falling back on your hobby for an income might be the great alternative for many people. We all have hobbies and interests that we like to spend time with, but many people do not realize money can made from these hobbies. I believe with a little research and investment; it really is possible to turn your hobby into a lucrative business.

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The Covid-19 pandemic is changing the world faster and more furiously than ever before, It’s a matter of urgency to think outside the box, think outside a job, think outside your industry, think even outside your academic qualifications. Disrupt yourself or be disrupted!

Think and find a market niche in which you can excel. Pinpoint what it is that you have a hobby/passion for and market your services/ products accordingly. This is the only way to stay relevant and ahead of Covid19 global disruption as well as technological disruption happening simultaneously. Be willing to turn your hobbies, talents and even academic qualifications into thriving ventures instead of just hoping to get a job. Your ability to recreate, perform, innovate and transform is critical in these trying times.

With the obstacles businesses are now facing, it may seem counterintuitive to start your own business but some of the most successful businesses have been started during times of economic downturn. There are lots of successful businesses that were launched when times seemed bleak, by people who said, ’Well, I have nothing to lose.

I believe this is an opportunity for you to also say, well, I have nothing to loss. Finding a job is difficult in these chaotic times so get comfortable asking the hard questions — ‘what can I do to make a living?

I came across this story and found it really inspiring and would like to share with you.

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The Story of Matt Levy

The story of a comedian Matthew Levy who was laid off from his job as an assistant to the talent manager at a New York comedy club, he didn’t have any major direction just like many other people when they lose their job.

But a few weeks after being laid off, he had what he called a “crazy idea.” What I call an aha movement!

He took his crazy idea to Twitter to see who would like a written profile about their career, comedy, skills or “whatever you want” for $25. In order words he was offering publicity to whoever wanted it for $25. His offered was to publish these profiles made up of 1000 words count on Medium. Medium is an online publishing platform, its like Youtube but for articles/text.

He knew he loves writing; he knew he was a writer, specifically writing jokes at a New York Comedy Club. But when clubs closed down due to the pandemic and social distancing restrictions, he took his writing to another level.

He has already written dozens of profiles since he posted his crazy idea on social media and has now upped his price from $25 to $40 per profile. The best part is that he has created an independent public relations company. Indeed, anything is possible when your back is against the wall.

“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking” ~Voltaire

Mathew Levy started thinking outside the box after losing his job and that’s when his “crazy idea” came up. Many of us have crazy ideas but are too afraid to act on it. Do you have a crazy idea? What are you doing about it?

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