800+ Free Computer Science Classes You Can Take Online Right Now!

There is a mind-boggling amount of options to choose from.

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As the world is becoming more and more digital, access to technology is also becoming a new source of social fracture for many in an increasingly computerized world.

There is a call for free education worldwide. Initiatives are springing up around the world to teach online skills, in an effort to bridge the digital skill gap and integrate people better into society. Kiosks offering free Wi-Fi are being rolled out in strategic places to enable people to have access to the internet.

Free computer science classes like these are a step closer to the realisation of free education for all. And so, democratizing access to computer-related knowledge and opportunities has never been more important.

We live in a great century! I’m super excited about all the opportunities we have infront of us! Progression in technology is making it possible for everyone to have access to digital skills globally.

The more computer-related knowledge people have, the better they can solve problems in a digital world. This means that society can progress at a faster rate.

In this digital age, no one should be complaining of deficiency in Computational knowledge and no one should be left outside of the digital sphere. The list I am going to share is truly a wonderful resource with an extremely wide range of computer science subjects and developer topics.

From machine learning and artificial intelligence courses to blockchain to computational finance, coding and a lot much more. There is a particular course titled — “The Beauty and Joy of Computing.” What a compelling course title!

For those interested in creating fun apps on the iOS and Andriod platform, Machine Learning App Development, NFT’s, Machine Learning App Development, Website development, Analytics, etc. There is something for everyone.

This is absolutely amazing — not to mention totally free. Keep in mind coding isn’t just the future of work, it’s the future of the world we live in.

While coding has been valuable to those already in the computer programming industry, it’s not limited to professionals. From young people to college students to senior citizens looking to learn a new skill, there is no better time to learn to code and understand computer science than now.

Coding, in essence, is the language by which our computers, cell phones and tablets communicate to execute our commands.

Coding is the language of the future and some people argue that kids should learn this language first before their native language. Yes, its that serious!

Education Should Be Free for Everyone

The cost of college is rising even faster than inflation. Many students around the world face financial constraints when it comes to attending college. The ability to provide some level of education for free is really amazing.

Traditional education cost an arm and a leg — tuition and aid scheme; Tuition fees; Examination fees; Prescribed books and other study material.

Since affordability is a major issue for so many people when it comes to attending college, the playing field is being levelled with free online courses.

“We are all born ignorant but it takes a great deal of hardwork to remain stupid” ~Benjamin Franklin

There is something for you!

Are you someone who craves constant learning, upskilling and pursuing knowledge? Perhaps you’re someone who feels they could benefit from understanding things a little better, even if it’s just learning how the hell HTML works. Perhaps you’re genuinely looking at a change in your career.

Whatever you’re after, there is something for everyone!

Here’s a list of some of the most potentially life-changing computer science online courses you can take right now from top universities and specialist organisations. There is a mind-boggling amount of options to choose from.

Table of Contents

Each of the topics on the table of content has at least 50 to 100 courses, so click on each link to explore.

Some of them are recorded lectures on Youtube from Harvard, Stanford or MIT. Can’t go wrong with any of these. So, go ahead and explore what interests you the most. Some of the courses may cost a fee to get an actual Certificate but there are all free to learn.

800+ Free Computer Science Classes you can take online right now.

All the Best!




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