Forget the Résume: Write Your Own Job Description (Pt 1)

The New Way of Hiring

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I was scrolling through LinkedIn the other day and stumbled upon an unconventional job posting by Steven Bartlett. It felt like a dare and got me thinking, is this the future of hiring?

Forget job keywords and cookie-cutter descriptions — this job posting is an open canvas, an invitation to write your own job description.

Here is the Job posting:

Image: LinkedIn

He’s not looking at your degree. He wants you to tell him what your dream job would be!

What he cares about:

  • You’re a cool person (someone you’d hang out with)
  • You’re always learning (like a curious cat)
  • You work like a champ (no slackers allowed)

What he doesn’t care about:

  • Those fancy degrees/diplomas hanging on your wall
  • Whether you’ve done this exact job before (new things are fun!)
  • How old you are (age is just a number, right?)

The world is no longer waiting for graduates with neatly packaged degrees. It needs curious minds, agile thinkers and lifelong learners.

Before I go into details of why this job posting is so interesting and disruptive, let me quickly tell you who Steven Bartlett is: for those who don’t know, he is a British-Nigerian serial entrepreneur and founder of multiple successful businesses.

He is highly respected in the business world globally and best known for his role in the Dragon Investor show and his award-winning podcast — The Diary of a CEO.

And in a nutshell, he has the power to shape and redefine how the world of business works. His approach to talent acquisition is stirring up the business world.

Essentially, Steven Bartlett has thrown a grenade into the traditional hiring landscape. His audacious approach to hiring, built on identifying raw talent and potential rather than relying on resumes and credentials, could be a game-changer for both employers and job seekers.

This isn’t just a quirky career challenge; it’s a bold statement about the future of work and the future of HR. Mr Bartlett recognises the limitations of the current system, where rigid credential requirements often overlook hidden potential.

He sees the spark in the misfits, the under-challenged, the ones without university degrees and the dreamers who are bursting with talent waiting to be unleashed.

So, what would this new world of hiring look like?

  • It’s a world where your drive to learn trumps outdated degrees.
  • Where a can-do spirit outweighs years of experience.
  • Where age is just a number.

It’s about showcasing your unique skills, crafting your ideal role, and convincing Mr Bartlett that you’re the missing piece in his puzzle.

But it’s more than just a dream job offer. It’s a chance to be part of something bigger. Mr Bartlett Flight Group is a hive of innovation, a constellation of companies constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Joining a team of this nature means stepping into a dynamic ecosystem where your ideas will be heard, your creativity encouraged and your potential nurtured.

This is more than an unconventional job posting; it is a manifesto for a new era of talent acquisition and the future of HR.

It is a call to arms for the overlooked, the underestimated, the dreamers who dare to believe that their unconventional path holds the key to extraordinary success.

But be warned, this type of work dynamic isn’t for the faint of heart. It demands a relentless learning spirit and a work ethic that would make Atlas blush.

If you thrive on challenge, if your curiosity is insatiable and if you believe in the power of your own potential, then this type of arrangement could be for you.

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