About Nicky

Nicky Verd is a KickAss Author, Speaker and a 4IR Enthusiast. She is passionate about igniting human potential in an era of exponential technologies and bridging the gap between people and the understanding of how emerging technologies are impacting the workplace and life in general. She is also a contributing blogger for the Huffington Post and a Brand Ambassador for Southern Africa Startup Awards. 

She is a show-stopping source of inspiration and a voice for those who yearn to recreate themselves in a world that’s changing exponentially. The Fourth Industrial Revolution(4IR) is creating a demand for new skills and competencies. Her new book titled “DISRUPT YOURSELF OR BE DISRUPTED” is a tool for people to equip and empower themselves for this shift in paradigm.


Nicky Verd strongly believes that personal disruption is the new recipe for success in today’s changing world and that understanding 4IR will help put into perspective how some of the world’s most cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain, IoT, AR, 3D Printing and many others will impact your own life. It goes without saying, “You cannot fight a battle you don’t even understand”


Through her writing, Nicky is empowering youths across Africa not to fight technology but to embrace it and become part of the revolution. In her book, Nicky Verd writes, “You can do more today with your life by having just an internet connection; and that’s an opportunity our parents and grandparents never had.” 


Her articles, blog posts and speeches have been called transformational and disruptive because they produce results that remain long after she has left the podium. Her new book titled “DISRUPT YOURSELF OR BE DISRUPTED – Escape Conformity, Reinvent Your Thinking and Thrive in an Era of Emerging Technologies and Economic Anxiety” is now available. You can order your copy Today! Click  HERE

Her Story

After being retrenched from a job she held unto for dear life, and crying herself to sleep for months, Nicky Verd started to get that uncomfortable feeling in the pit of her stomach, the kind of nagging feeling that yelled “You are better than this – there is more in you!” On her quest to find answers, she came across a video on YouTube, and from then on her life was never the same. Nicky Verd is no stranger to struggles, she has experienced deep pain, loneliness, betrayal, rejection, abuse, heartbreak and shame. She dug deep into her shadow to overcome her struggles and a crippling low self-esteem and now dedicated to inspiring others to do the same. She is not confused by her mandate and her calling is clear as crystal – To ignite human potential, inspire and empower people to become more self-reliant and take ownership of their lives in a world that’s changing faster and more furiously than ever…

Nicky Verd hails from Cameroon and has been living in South Africa for over a decade. As a writer and speaker on the Fourth Industrial Revolution(4IR), personal development, the impact of robotics and automation on employment in South Africa, Nicky Verd inspires young people to become their own heroes, to become disruptive and resourceful by embracing technology, creativity, talents, passion, purpose and ultimately discovering their unique soul-print to break free from social conditioning that creates mediocrity, self-loathing and self-rejection. Nicky Verd empowers people to take ownership of their lives well-beyond the podium and public appearances, meshing her blog and social media platforms, she continually add value to her audience. Many engage with her content regularly on Facebook. She is one of the interesting and inspirational person you can follow on social media. Click  Here  to follow her on Facebook.   

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