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Concepts like AI, Robotics, IoT, AR, Blockchain and other emerging technologies are still alien to many people but Nicky Verd is bridging the gap and bringing it home in simple terms. She believes that properly understanding these concepts will help put into perspective how some of the world’s most cutting edge technologies will impact your own life. Nicky Verd is an unconventional engaging speaker with a capacity to speak to small intimate audiences as well as large audiences. She is an entertaining, educational and disruptive speaker suitable for corporate events, business seminars, self-development workshops, 4th Industrial Revolution and human potential empowerment related events. She draws on her own personal transformation experiences of being retrench, as well as the knowledge she’d accumulated from the University of Hard Knocks and business to engage and inspire her audience.  Her connection with people, captivating smile, sassy personality and way with words codifies what turns an event into an experience. She believes in thinking differently, challenging the status quo and speaking uncomfortable truths. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind or be the only dissenting voice in the crowd, and neither should you. “Personal transformation is the vehicle through which success and economic growth travel” says Nicky Verd, a self-proclaimed professional disruptor.  Her wisdom, openness and compassion provides a safe space for learning and growth. Nicky Verd is rising as one of Africa’s best speaker on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and personal disruption. She believes the time to future proof Africa is now! “Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted” is the title of her new Book. Nicky Verd is available for speaking engagements for corporations, seminars, conferences, women empowerment, youth development, business networking, team building, industry-specific trainings or special functions. Book Nicky Verd for your next event and your attendees will be falling over themselves to thank you.  Contact Today!

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