Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted

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The call to disrupt the status quo has never been more louder!

In a world where everything is connected, where machines can talk, learn and mimic humans, a world with more graduates than jobs, a world where machines are employable, where performance is at its peak, innovation at its finest and job loss at its highest. There is only one spot left to disrupt, reinvent, transform and that is YOU!

You cannot stop the Fourth Industrial Revolution, you cannot stop an economic recession or crisis but you can influence its direction and impact in your own life!

“Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted” provides answers that translate far-future thinking into insights and strategies to stay relevant and unlock opportunities in the new normal and create your own employment. It is an indispensable blueprint to future-proofing yourself.

The book includes 21st-century innovative business ideas – 25 Business Ideas for You to Create your Own Economy!

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21 reviews for Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted

  1. Ntwanano Ndima – South Africa

    There’s no way you can read this book & your state of mind remains the same. NEVER!

    This book echoes that indeed the world is changing and if you don’t disrupt yourself you will be left behind.

    Nicky Verd turned her adversity into opportunity and is now empowering many African minds and communities to do the same.
    I highly recommend this book to someone who has lost hope in the 9-5 world and anyone who want to embrace technology and ultimately wants to pursue their dreams.

    This is a masterpiece!!!

  2. Mzimkhulu Nhlapo – South Africa

    Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted is a must-read guide for leaders, citizens, students and children in all of Africa. A truly revolutionary read, filled with solutions for the “Africa We Want.” This book simplifies complex concepts through relatable stories and awakens fellow Africans to the opportunities ushered in by the fourth industrial revolution.
    Thank you Nicky Verd for sharing your knowledge with the world.

  3. Mitchel Shabangu – Katlehong, South Africa

    This book makes you realize that pivoting is no longer for companies only, but humans need to pivot too. They need to upgrade and up-skill or else being obsolete will be inevitable.

    Reading such a great book during Covid-19 where tech skills are as important (if not more) as other skills will help you become eager to learn new age skills.

    Thank you so much Nicky for such a relevant book especially in these times.

    Disrupt yourself or be disrupted!

  4. Mawande Oscar Makalima – East London, South Africa

    If you somehow still stuck in the Industrial Age thinking and hoping that things like jobs and the traditional economic booms will eventual bounce back, think again. The business of the 21st century is strictly driven by disruptive technologies like Blockchain, Internet of Things (iOT), Big Data and many more.

    This book by this phenomenal African Queen will help you kick- start the process of positioning yourself and taking advantage technology to establish your social capital and building your business. She also shares her journey on how she abruptly lost her job without a plan B and was quickly forced by circumstances to reinvent herself and that quickly gave birth to to this book ” “Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted”. Please Buy this book for yourself, family and friends and I believe that every African young or old should have it.


    Mawande Oscar Makalima
    East London-South Africa

  5. Cindy Adem- Nairobi, Kenya

    This is the one book that has never successfully stayed on my shelf. Every time someone comes to my office, they want to borrow it (thinking of which, they should buy their own damn copies). I can’t seem to shut up about how mind-blowing it is. With the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become even more important for professionals and young adults to restrategize their careers in a way that makes them indispensable, and the skills that would allow them to have the highest impact in the unfolding world.

    As the Founder of a Digital Skills company, this has provided a critical blueprint for the courses we need to offer in order to serve the future.Nicky, thank you for blessing us with this book. I am a better CEO for having read this.

  6. Julius – Kampala, Uganda

    What I love about this book is that Nicky broadly explains disruption at a whole new level, from personal disruption to the economic, social and global perspectives. From the business to technology perspective, If there is any anticipation you can rely on, it’s disruption! This book is a book of our times. In fact, everyone serious about success at all fronts should get this book.

    I’ve read many books, but I keep referring to this book over and over again. It will never go out of fashion because it’s all about disruption in all facets of life and all that we envision, anticipate and predict all pivots around disruption. Everything is now subject to disruption.

    Thank you Nicky Verd for inspiring and helping our generation with your gift of this book.
    Disrupt Yourself or Be Disrupted!

  7. Achuo James Nchia – Douala, Cameroon

    This book is written in simple and plain language and has changed my perspective on life as a whole. The book is a direct solution provider to each and everyone of us and to humanity as a whole in regards to how effective we should handle disruptive situations in our lives and most especially the covic19 pandemic. I have been reading this book several times and each time l do l develop new inside into how best to handle the world’s problems.

    I absolutely recommend this book to this and future generations since it will help to shape our way of thinking during disruptive periods in our lives and against humanity as a whole.

    I recommend Government officials should think of adding this book to their existing college and university programs so our youths and future generations should start having this very rare knowledge for the good of themselves and of humanity as a whole.
    I seize this opportunity to sincerely thank Nicky Verd for this great legacy she has offered to serve humanity.

    My name is Achuo James Nchia a Cameroonian Advocate resident in Douala. I am into network marketing and little did I know Nicky Verd has facilitated our understanding of the new technologies that have drastically changed and are shaping the dogma of the old world order as far as jobs and business are concerned.

    God bless.

  8. Prince – Johannesburg, South Africa

    This book is a MUST-READ for everyone who is hungry and determined for Success in this digital era regardless of your social, financial, marital or academic background.

    This book is not only challenging but inspiring at the same time. Infact, it is heterogeneous in all its ramification. Not to mention the fact that it is very timely. Quite relevant in this digital and Technological dispensation. Indeed Nicky Verd is a “KickAss” writer. She forces you out of your comfort zone to confront and align with where the world is going.

    If you’re still contemplating of having a copy, hurry up! You either DISRUPT or BE DISRUPTED. The solution to your current predicament is certainly embedded in this book. May God continue to inspire and bless you as you MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this dispensation. Shalom!

  9. Mugabo Peace – Kigali, Rwanda

    This is an eye opener!
    I read this book during the 2020 covid19 lockdown, I would say, it changed my approach towards the new normal. As a CEO and an entrepreneur this is one of the best reads I would recommend to any individual who wants to get ready for the uncertainties of tomorrow. It is a must read for individuals, employee, employers, government officials and everyone in a decision making position.
    I got this book directly from the author (Nicky Verd) when she came here to my city Kigali, Rwanda for a conference. Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted is a most read!

  10. Lina Lukusa – South Africa

    I bought this book in November 2020. It is so compelling and captivating. I have highlighted almost the entire book. Every single sentence makes so much sense. I so love the way she is telling these facts.
    This book is the driving force behind my business. I just wish everyone could read it. Thank you very much Nicky for sharing this masterpiece with the world. It is a MUST READ!

  11. Noel Tasha – Cameroon

    Reading this book has been like a daily meal for me as it’s opening my perspectives and making me think and act differently. It gives me that hope I need for a better tomorrow and it has really help disrupt my thinking.

    Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted is a book to be read by everyone. At a time when changed has changed and there’s continued disruption in the job market. This book will help you regain your place in the job market and help you reposition yourself in the fast changing world.

    Thumbs up to Nicky Verd for writing this book. Don’t fail to invest in yourself get your own copy!

  12. Mutiu Oyinlola – Nigeria

    This book vividly describes the new world we live in now as well as how technology is shaping human lives, including our future jobs.

    The reality of the changing times caught up with me when I listened to a presentation by Nicky Verd at a conference in Nairobi, Kenya in December 2019. The title of her presentation was “The Fourth Industrial Revolution: A New Dawn for Africa’s Youth”. The presentation was only a foretaste of her life-changing book, Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her book.

    I must say I’ve been so overwhelmed by the extent of the disruptions documented in her book. It is a must-read for everyone.
    Thank you very much Nicky for this gift to this generation.

  13. Kenneth Ngah – USA

    Over the years, my team and I have been talking about building tech communities around technologies so that we can have an ongoing development of skills and this book is just what we needed.

    Nicky Verd and her approach in this book is unlocking the mind. I will say it should be a must read for anyone who still does not understand or believe in the advent of an inevitable Tech revolution. It is all about being able to reinvent your thoughts and getting ready to suit in.

    After reading the book, it is more clear that so many companies are gradually gearing towards this transformation and likewise we should also get ready more than ever before.

    Thank you Nicky!

  14. Bongy _ South Africa

    I absolutely love this book. It came in at the right time in my life when I was trying to pivot and find my voice. I couldn’t put this book down in December 2019 when I bought it. It was as if I got a message from above, all the things that Nicky is talking about in the book became even more apparent in 2020. The world had to move online and I was just so amazed because the timing of the book was everything. Thanks to this book, I was able to start my own business and do what I’ve always loved doing – Fitness Coaching online. I constantly still turn to this amazing book for reference because it has so many great examples.

    Thank you Nicky Verd for writing the book. You changed my life! 🥰🙏🏽

  15. Agbor Matelot _Cameroon

    This book is a Masterpiece! It gives an approach of how we must adapt to the challenges of our changing world and take responsibility to see a shift in Mindset. “Disrupt yourself or be disrupted” is my top recommended book students, parents, Guidance Counselors and those in the coaching industries. Nicky Verd did an amazing job to has put all the pieces together which is changing the narrative in the world of work. Thank you so much Nicky. I am so much in love with this book! I’ll recommend it over and over!

  16. Lorato Mosetlhanyane – Botswana

    I read this book during the lockdown in April 2020 and it seemed as though it was written for such a time as these.
    I run a leadership training and coaching company that was seven years at the time of the lockdown & I should confess that the lockdown just shattered my dreams…but when I started reading the book, life came back into my dreams. I started disrupting my thoughts and limiting beliefs. My world just opened up and I started believing things I couldn’t even allow myself to imagine before. Almost 9months later, I can look back and say I am doing things now from a totally different perspective and this book has been the biggest influence in the shift that happened in my own world. Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted is a must-read!

    Thank you Nicky Verd.
    Lorato Mosetlhanyane, Leadership Trainer & Professional Coach.

  17. Mompoloki Makwana – Botswana

    This is a fantastic book that shares timely and relevant information on how one can position themselves in these changing times. One of the favourites statements from the book is that;

    “Money doesn’t grow on trees, money grows on skills”

    A book that’s challenging individuals to develop themselves and create opportunities. I highly recommend this amazing book – Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted!

  18. Henri Owona – Cameroon

    Disrupted yourself or be disrupted is a must-read for anyone struggling to disrupt the status quo. Always remember, as Nicky said in her book “sometimes the greatest chapter of your life begins only when you are thrown out of the ordinary and what you’re familiar with.”

    When I read this book early last year, my mind was moved and transformed. I decided to disrupt the status quo and I resigned from my position as Marketing In-Charge of my former company.

    I’ve read this book twice since buying it and it has inspired me to start my own business and I’m also writing a book currently.

    Honestly, Nicky Verd has changed my life via her writings. This book was written for such a time as this!

    Henri Owona (Sales & Marketing Consultant /Trainer / Entrepreneur)

  19. Steve Mwendwa ~ Kenya

    This book contains the most critical aspects that a young person in the twenty-first century should possess to be competitive in today’s marketplace.

    While researching Rwanda for an article I was working on; I came across Nicky Verd’s YouTube video on Kigali Innovation City. I saw her mention her book in the video. So I clicked the link and purchased it on Amazon. And yes, I’m so glad I got the book. It’s all about accepting change and understanding that we live in a dynamic world in which we must adapt to remain relevant.

    My views and opinions are based on personal interaction or a realistic projection of the book’s wealth of information, combined with Nicky’s real-life experiences that she offers to connect her ideas and ensure that they stick in the reader’s memory.

    The book has surely benefited me a lot; I am now concentrating my efforts on online work, and I am convinced that our status quo needs a shift. I feel obliged to offer Nicky credit for her absolutely superb contributions towards impacting our current society positively. Her work is inspirational and transformational. It’s a fantastic book and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for pertinent real life solutions.

  20. Thabiso Kadi – South Africa

    By far the most informative and eye-opening book I’ve ever read!
    I highly recommend this book for many reasons but the most important reason is that it got me thinking differently. This book “DISRUPTED” me and got me changing my habits and thoroughly pushing myself beyond limiting beliefs.

    The book even got me thinking about every other area of my life that needed change. Because of this book I have been redeemed of alcohol consumption, I’m now a vegetarian. I now invest more than I spend. I now read more than I did before. I’m investing in myself and I’m intentional about it. I am also I’m venturing into a sustainable business. And also want to impact people positively.

    I’m a 24-year-old young man, who grew up in Delmas, Mpumalanga, South Africa. I was exposed to the life that most South African society accepts as appropriate from birth. The life of drinking and waiting on the government to rescue you.

    The South African society is driven by instant gratification, “who can do it better or has the most expensive stuff… I was beginning to follow this path till I got my hands on this book.

    Nicky, you really delivered on this one. If I could have my way, I’d include this book as part of the curriculum in schools nationwide. Everyone needs a piece of this disruptive information, especially young people!

    Thank you Nicky Verd, continue keeping on!
    From a thoroughly satisfied reader!

  21. John Ngwa – Cameroon

    I read this book about a year ago and each time I get back to it, it feels like I am reading it for the first time. It is a master piece for breeding a new Generation of African Leaders and I highly recommend it for every individual who desires to experience a scale in career and impact.

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