“Nicky Verd is an inspiring woman that touches your heart, catalyzes your brain and moves you to act. The book provides practical insights on how to reinvent yourself. Highly recommended!” 

Jasper MutsaertsNetherlands

Nicky, falls in a category of few women. The likes of Oprah Winfrey. 

Mugumya JuniorUganda

Nicky’s interpretations regarding life occurrences are out of this world 

Leake Moraswi Tsoka

 There’s something about your blog that gives me an attitude of “I can do this” no matter what and for some weird reason you always talk about what I’m going through. 

Zenobuhle Sthandwa Mbumbe

 Just like a frog in a jar of water, if we heat them all at once, the frog will notice the change and jump off. However, if we boil it slowly, the frog will not feel the gradual change, and will stay in the water, until its very demise. This book is a great way to make sure we are the former frog, and not the latter. This is great book which is spot-on especially during these times of COVID19 crisis, which is when is review is written. I met Nicky when I traveled to South Africa, to speak about the new world of work and how I believe individuals should think like “business units” in order to survive and thrive in this new environment. Nicky and I clicked immediately, and our thoughts very much resonated with each other. So, obviously I agree with much of what this book has to offer us, as a state of- mind and as practical advice. Back to that first frog, this book is also great in showing that jumping off the water is not just an act to survive, but also opportunity to thrive. Thank you Nicky for your help in pushing the message forward. 

Assaf LuxembourgIsrael

Nicky is a prolific speaker with a soft but powerful voice. She knows her story and she is just as powerful and magnificent at sharing it with her audience, one word from her and you wouldn’t want her to leave the stage. It was an honor to listen to her as she delivered her speech at the EBN Seminar and I was blown away. 

Grant Manyanyi

Coming to know Nicky has changed my taste of how I see and perceive things in life. 

Mesa Naphtali

Nicky, discusses issues that other people avoid and that’s what makes her relevant. 

Jacqueline Molapo

I don’t know how I stumbled on one of your articles but ever since I have been an avid reader of all your articles. You are an incredible writer who inspires and give life a whole new meaning.

Jasper MutsaertsNairobi Kenya