The hookup culture, the one-night-stands, the friends with benefits etc, might be “trendy” but it leaves a trail of destruction on its path! It’s definitely not “harmless fun” as many are claiming!

During casual sexual encounters, most people generally think that both parties walk away from the situation unaffected but that’s not the case. A whole other holistic school of thought believes that an unintentional energy exchange happens regardless of their chemistry and emotional connectedness to one another.

It is believed that the more sexual partners you have the more depressed and dysfunctional you are… and there’s actual science to back this up!

According to Report by NICS Well UK, Researchers found that “Having casual sex was associated with lower levels of psychological wellbeing and higher levels of anxiety and depression in both men and women”

You may think STD’s and unwanted pregnancies are the only negatives you are likely to get apart from ‘pleasure’ when you are having sex? Well, think again! A condom doesn’t protect you!

With the high level of changes and releases that can be felt in the body during sex, it is obvious that each person is ‘depositing’ their energies into the other through the connection of the genitals. This is where ‘the two really become one. But diseases are just the visible transfers that everyone accepts as a consequence.

However, the following points are worth considering for people who want to protect their souls/energies just as much as they want to protect their bodies from diseases:

1) Catching an STD, or catching feelings, or catching a baby… should be the least of your worries! Sex is a highly intimate act. It’s an exchange of energies. So, when you are sexually intimate with people who are broken on the inside(depress/suicidal)… their brokenness, depression, traumas, dysfunctions and demons also latches on you!!! No condom can protect you from that! No condom will protect you from soul ties and trauma bonding.

2) The prize of sexual liberation is especially heavy for women! This is because Sex is an invasive experience for women. Too many sexual partners affect a woman’s ability to pair-bond and have a long term healthy relationship.

3) Quick question: Would you give your colleagues at work or someone you barely know the password to your phone? I can accurately predict your answer to be “Hell NO!!!”

Yet people give the password to their bodies to complete strangers on the 1st date, 1st week, 1st month, random night clubs, etc. The million dollar question is, how can people protect their cell phones more than themselves?

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4) We live in a world where majority of people laugh at sexual purity. Some are convinced something is seriously wrong with you if you choose to practice sexual discipline, celibacy or abstinence. However, it’s better to be different, mocked than buy into the hook-up culture just to fit in!

5) Sexually transmitted energies are more powerful and worst than sexually transmitted diseases.

Yet people keep risking their mental health calling it “freedom of sexual expression”

Well, to each their own!

You are free to do whatever you want but you ain’t free from the consequences of your choices!

Sex is NOT just for Fun!

Sex is a Spiritual bond (Soul tie). The big question is: How many souls of men/women do you have inside of you? Every person you sleep with leaves a part of themselves with you!

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Sex does more to the body than the eyes can see. Be careful who and what you allow your soul to tie to!!!

Sexually transmitted demons are not something to play with and are harder to get rid of than sexually transmitted diseases!!!

Soul ties are more powerful than you think. The right mate for you will PRAY on your soul not PREY on it.

And to religious folks. Sometimes the church is superficial about these things. We are only told it’s a “sin”…which is rightfully so!

But there’s more consequences to it than just “sin”…. So, do your own research on the psychological effects and dangers of multiple sexual partners, promiscuity, the hookup culture, etc.

The negative transfers of energies during sex can show up in the form of anxiety, depression and other mental conditions.

So the next time you want a hookup or some “quick release” with a random person, as much as your body may drug you to the point where you are so horny and you can’t think straight, take a minute to rethink that act.

Is the person you are about to ‘connect and become ONE with’ worth it? Do you really want their spirits/energies to be transferred to you?

On the bright side, if two partners are happy, healthy and well balanced mentally, emotionally and spiritually, then good “energy exchange“ occurs. And you can’t know if someone is well balanced unless you invest time in really getting to know them. Jumping to bed on the 1st date, 1st week or 1st month doesn’t cut it!

Be Safe!!!

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